FMP Ep. 014 – ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2’

Due to scheduling conflicts we never were able to record the second half of our Harry Potter retrospective, so that is how we start this week’s episode – by revisiting films 5 through 7 before diving into the 8th and final film in the series. We also reveal our top 3 films from the first half of 2011 and take listener feedback on that very subject.

Show Schedule:

  • 00:32 – 01:45 – Introduction
  • 01:45 – 28:54 – Retrospective of Harry Potter films 5 – 7
  • 29:43 – 56:51 – Review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
  • 57:47 – 1:13:00 – Best Films of 2011, Listener Feedback
  • 1:13:52 – 1:19:42 – Recommendations and Contact Information


  • Music for Episode 14 was provided by Brenna Vick. [MySpace]
  • Tracks included “Kiss You” and “Over It.”

Show Notes:

  • We need you to “Like” our Facebook page and tell all your friends to do so as well. When we hit 300 Likes we will randomly select one person to choose a movie for us to review.

Question of the Week:

  • Which Harry Potter film is your favorite? [Vote in the Poll]

Next Week:

  • Phil will be at Comic-Con so in his absence, Davin Lacksonen and I will review Tabloid.
  • We will be checking in with Phil with a report from Comic-Con.

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  • I agree with Alex’s summation about the ending of Harry Potter. Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the LAST movie in an 8 movie franchise, where we as an audience has followed an interesting tapestry of characters from children through adolescence through early adulthood. The ending was short, abrupt, and simply not satisfying. The comparison to Return of the King is apt, though I feel the reason for the long endings is due to the fact that it is wrapping up a 12 hour movie trilogy rather than ending one movie.

  • I’d also like to posit the following questions to Harry Potter-philes (is that a word?):

    * Who had the most accurate performance when compared to the books?

    * Who had the least accurate?

    * Who is your favorite book character? Who is your favorite movie character? Are they different, and if so why?

    Just trying to get some info!

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