//FMP Ep. 035 – Top 10 Films of 2011

FMP Ep. 035 – Top 10 Films of 2011

Alex and Phil end the year by counting down their top 10 films of 2011. Each of them defends their respective lists and they both agree that 2011 was a great one for new movies. Before you tune in, try and guess how many films Alex and Phil will overlap. There are also two important announcements in this week’s episode – one about the future of the Film Misery Podcast and another about how you can be selected to choose a film for us to review.

Show Schedule:

  • 00:32 – 02:25 – Introduction
  • 02:25 – 33:55 – Top 10 Movies of 2011 (Part 1)
  • 35:24 – 38:54 – Hometown Movies and New Question of the Week
  • 39:56 – 1:10:56 – Top 10 Movies of 2011 (Part 2)
  • 1:12:35 – 1:16:06 – Announcements and Contact Information


  • Music for Episode 35 were from various 2011 movie soundtracks:
  • Track 1 – “Man or a Muppet” from The Muppets, Track 2 – “Real Hero” by College from Drive, Track 3 – “Una Patada en los Huevos” by Alberto Iglesias from The Skin I Live In, Track 4 – “Oh My Love” by Riz Ortolani from Drive, Track 5 – “Life’s a Happy Song” by The Muppets.

Show Notes:

  • If you would like to select a movie for us to review, post a comment on this page! One commenter will be randomly selected to choose a movie for us.
  • Episode 16 features the interview with Brit Marling of Another Earth.
  • We would love you to review us on iTunes.

Question of the Week:

  • What are your top 10 movies of 2011?

Next Week:

  • We will be previewing our most anticipated films of 2012.

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