FMP Ep. 038 – ‘Haywire’ / ‘Traffic’

Alex was joined by film critic Tim Kelly of for a double dose of Steven Soderbergh. First we review the director’s latest ensemble action film Haywire, which is in theatres now. We follow that by rewinding 12 years to review his ensemble drug thriller Traffic, which was released on Criterion Blu-Ray recently. We also share thoughts on 2012 blockbusters and the classic mysteries Blow-Up/Blow-Out.

Show Schedule:

  • 00:32 – 02:25 – Introduction
  • 02:30 – 30:03 – Review of Haywire
  • 31:02 – 39:20 – Recommendations and Blockbuster Poll
  • 40:03 – 56:04 – Review of Traffic
  • 56:52 – 1:01:48 – Contact Information and Next Week Preview


  • Music for Episode 38 was from Michael Vanasek. [Website]
  • Tracks included “Eternal Disaster” and “Searchin’.”

Show Notes:

  • Read Tim’s brilliant reviews and cinematic musings at
  • We would love you to review us on iTunes.

Question of the Week:

  • Which Oscar nomination was the biggest surprise? [Vote in the Poll]

Next Week:

  • Double feature of The Woman in Black and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
  • Special Guest: Justin Jagoe

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  • Eric M

    This sounds more pretentious than I’d like, but I assumed Academy members were artistically-intellectual enough to ignore Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. Both of its nominations were as big of a surprise as they were disappointing.

  • Jose

    Don’t know which one to pick.

    To be honest, I wasn’t surprised with “Extremely Loud” getting nominated, since The Blind Side got nominated for Best Picture when the Academy added the more than 5 movies rule, I knew to expect a silly movie.

    I guess i’m more surprised by the screenplay nominations, a Seperation for original (when’s the last time a foreign language movie got 2 major nominations anyway? You would’ve thought that with the new rule, foreign films would’ve gotten a bigger shot at getting Best Picture nominations), Tinker Tailor, well actually the fact that people remembered that movie (i called Oldman getting an Oscar nod though, did not expect more then 1 nomination though)

    50/50 getting snubbed, Margin Call getting in, yeah those are my biggest.

    Oh and Demian Bichir getting in, also didn’t see that one coming.

    • Jose

      Oh wait, Tintin!

      Geesh that’s a good one, I mean s best movie in years and the best they can do is a best score nomination? It misses out on best animated feature and yet Puss in Boots gets in?

      Oh, and Winnie the Pooh, that one was expected, but it still hurt because that movie was so good.

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