//FMP Ep. 044 – ‘The Avengers’ / Top 5 Anticipated Movies of the Summer

FMP Ep. 044 – ‘The Avengers’ / Top 5 Anticipated Movies of the Summer

Alex was joined by Phil Kollar this week to rekindle the never ending conversation about super hero movies. The discussion includes which new cast member is the best addition and a theory about Nick Fury. We also share our top five most anticipated movies of the Summer of 2012 with minimal overlap and Phil announces that he might be returning as a regular co-host.

Show Schedule:

  • 00:32 – 02:42– Introduction
  • 02:42 – 34:18 – Review of The Avengers
  • 35:07 – 44:02 – Summer Movies Poll and New Question of the Week
  • 44:42 – 1:04:44 – Top 5 Summer Movies to See
  • 1:05:29 – 1:07:28 – Recommendations and Contact Information


  • Music for Episode 44 was from Michael Duncombe. [Website]
  • Tracks included “Wake Them Up” and “We Know We Go Hard.”

Show Notes:

  • Find Phil Kollar’s new home at TheVerge.com/gaming.
  • Hear our review of Thor way back on Episode 5.
  • Apologies for the mic issues and the occasional dogs barking in the background.
  • We would love you to review us on iTunes.

Question of the Week:

  • What is your favorite Marvel universe movie? [Vote in the Poll]

Next Week:

  • Next week we will be off and coming back the following week to review Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

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