//FMP ep. 075 – The Best Films of 2015

FMP ep. 075 – The Best Films of 2015

CarolFor this episode, G and Justin discuss their picks for the best films of 2015! Be sure to tell us which picks we got right, and which ones we got wrong.

Show Notes:

  • Because of a sizable backlog, we are posting episodes at an accelerated rate. You’re going to see several episodes each week for the first few weeks. We apologize for the weird sequencing, but we promise things will slowly catch up, with our recording schedule, and eventually you can expect a regular weekly podcast, posting every Monday.
  • Justin’s written Top 10 can be found here.
  • G Clark’s written Top 10 can be found here.
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Next Episode:

  • G and Justin discuss the Oscar Nominations and share their predictions.

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