//FMP ep. 084 – Sundance and Caesar!

FMP ep. 084 – Sundance and Caesar!

Sundance and Caesar

For this episode, following a review of the Coen Brothers’ latest film Hail, Caesar!,G Clark and Justin discuss the Sundance Film Festival. What are the best movies to come out of the festival, what are we looking forward to from this year, and is Sundance even a festival worth paying attention to? Hear what they have to say in this Caesar and Sundance podcast!

Show Schedule:

  • 0:00 – 22:58 – REVIEWS: Hail, Caesar!
  • 22:59 – 30:59 – The Sundance Film Festival: What’s Its Role in Movie Culture?
  • 31:00 – 38:54 – Most Anticipated Sundance 2016 Movies
  • 38:55 – 41:29 – Contact Information

Show Notes:

  • Justin was way off. Based on the numbers from Box Office Mojo, the average Coen Bros film grosses $31.9 million. Which makes Hail, Caesar! quite average for a Coens flick.
  • Though G Clark says his Blind Spot pick for our next episode would be Ang Lee’s Ride With the Devil, accessibility issues forced us to choose Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Next Episode:

  • In conjunction with last week’s episode about Oscar Bait, we will be doing Blind Spots reviews of “Oscar Bait” movies Justin’s not seen (Amadeus & Ordinary People), and two movies G Clark’s not seen (Memoirs of a Geisha & Elizabeth: The Golden Age).

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