FMP ep. 106 – The Joker Onscreen

The Joker Onscreen

For this episode Justin and G Clark use the occasion of two recent movie releases starring the Joker to discuss the most popular (and prolific) of all the Bat-villains. Setting up that conversation will be a review of both those movies, Batman: The Killing Joke and Suicide Squad.

Show Schedule:

  • 0:00 – 20:19 – REVIEW: Batman: The Killing Joke
  • 20:20 – 48:46 – REVIEW: Suicide Squad
  • 49:47 – 1:08:03 – The Joker Onscreen
  • 1:08:04 – 1:10:53 – Contact Information

Show Notes:

  • G Clark’s estimated projection of Suicide Squad is 140 million, and the movie’s estimated weekend grosses turned out to be a record-breaking $135.1 million.
  • G Clark’s Killing Joke review can be read here.
  • Read Matt Singer’s ScreenCrush review and A.O. Scott’s Times review of Suicide Squad.

Next Episode:

Joint reviews of Sausage Party and the recently-released-stateside Studio Ghibli masterpiece Only Yesterday, followed by a larger discussion of animated films not geared predominantly to kids.

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