//FMP ep. 124 – Tikkun, Paterson, Oscars Recap

FMP ep. 124 – Tikkun, Paterson, Oscars Recap

Original Record Date: March 5, 2017

For this episode, Justin and G Clark review two movies, one from each of their respective top ten movies of 2016 lists, that the other has not seen: Tikkun and Paterson. Following those reviews is a conversation of what quickly became the most bizarre Oscar telecast in a generation.

Show Schedule:

  • 0:00 – 23:53 – REVIEW: Tikkun
  • 23:54 – 48:59 – REVIEW: Paterson
  • 49:00 – 1:13:26 – Oscar Recap
  • 1:13:27 – 1:15:54 – Contact Information

Show Notes:

  • The Noah Baumbach movie whose name we were struggling to remember was While We’re Young.

Next Episode:

A deep-dive analysis of the Stanley Kubrick classic Barry Lyndon.

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