//FMP ep. 152 – The Oscar Nominations, The Best Director Category

FMP ep. 152 – The Oscar Nominations, The Best Director Category

Original Record Date: February 4, 2018

For this episode, Justin and G Clark parse out their initial reactions to the Oscar nominations: the surprises, the snubs, and who they’re most rooting for over the course of the next month. Following that is a conversation about the utility of the Best Director category, and how easily one can identify great directing from a not-great movie.

Show Schedule:

  • 0:00 – 32:58 – The Oscar Nominations
  • 32:59 – 1:05:58 – Best Picture vs Best Director
  • 1:05:59 – 1:08:57 – Contact Information

Show Notes:

  • Mike D’Angelo’s essay about the Best Director Oscar can be read here.
  • David Ehrlich’s Indiewire essay about retiring the Best Director category can be read here.
  • Check out Jim Emerson’s visual essay on The Dark Knight here.
  • Some more detail on Rian Johnson’s relationship to his collaborators while realizing the scene Justin references from The Last Jedi.

Next Episode:

A two-week hiatus! But we will try to fill in the time with some of our favorite segments, plus some reviews of the most noteworthy Oscar nominees.

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