Full Length Trailer for Tarsem’s ‘Immortals’

UPDATE: The trailer is now available in High-Definition on Apple.

The term “visionary director” gets tossed around rather carelessly these days and often times it is used to excuse movies that suffer from under-developed or otherwise shoddy plot structure. While many are undeserving of being called “visionaries,” one filmmaker who has actually earned the title is Tarsem Singh, director of The Fall and The Cell. Years of production have gone into each of his films and he impressively opts for the live-action alternative when it is possible to do an effect without CGI. His films easily surpass those of Zack Snyder or just about any other “visionary director” as they possess enormous ambition and limitless imagination.

Tarsem’s next film, Immortals, received a trailer today posted on The Playlist. On the surface the film does not look all that different from 300 or any other mediocre CGI-infused Greco-Roman film. However, upon a second viewing there is definitely elements of Tarsem’s visual panache. We get glimpses of imaginative scenes where arrows appear out of thin air and time seems to be relative to the character in command. These could easily be visual gimmicks that are not fully explored in the feature length film, but immediately they grasp my interest. The photography is also beautiful and will look fantastic on the big screen.

What are your thoughts on Tarsem Singh? Is he truly visionary or another Zack Snyder-like hack? Share those thought in the comments after watching the trailer below.

Immortals will be in theatres in the U.S. on November 11, 2011.

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  • Jose

    I’m excited for this movie and I’m a huge fan of The Cell. I’ve personally found that that movie had at least more story or heart than any of snyder’s movies.

    Speaking of Snyder that’s Henry Cavill, the new Superman. He really doesn’t do do much in the trailer though in terms of acting. I want to see a little bit of something that proves he can be the new Superman.

  • I’m not at all anticipating Snyder’s Superman. No matter how many times people mention that Christopher Nolan is involved.

  • Jose

    I still don’t undestand how people think that’s enough to get people excited. Nolan stated almost a year ago that since he’s too busy with TDKR that he’s involvement with the new Superman movie will be minimum. Plus he picked Snyder. And personally I don’t think he’s as great as everyone claims he is.

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