Happy Birthday David Lean!

In case you are just stumbling across Film Misery for the first time, we are in the middle of a David Lean Marathon at the moment (hence the Lawrence of Arabia) image in the banner. So it is only fitting to acknowledge that today, were the filmmaker alive, David Lean would be turning 103. Lean is the director of numerous classics that include Doctor Zhivago, Great Expectations, Lawrence of Arabia, and my personal favorite of his, Brief Encounter. I can only hope that our marathon does justice to such a versatile and talented filmmaker.

Claude Chabrol once said of Lean that they were the only two filmmakers willing to wait an eternity for a perfect sunset. Such were the antics of the determined and visually compelled filmmaker. Lean, like many of the great directors throughout history had a reputation as being something of a challenge to work with and once his career hit its stride, he worked very slowly. But he left in his wake numerous cinematic classics that we will be reviewing in the near future. We hope that we capture the essence of Lean’s contribution to cinema as much as we can as well as demonstrate that Lean was not merely the director of the great epics such as Lawrence of Arabia and The Bridge on the River Kwai, but a versatile and multi-faceted filmmaker who rose from the confines of news reel footage and the studio entrapments of Noel Coward to become an auteur of the highest order. Happy Birthday David Lean!

Look out for my review of his Oliver Twist in the next few days!

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