Happy Cinco De Mayo from Machete!

There has been a lot of uproar about the recent Arizona law against illegal immigration. However, nobody is more dangerously pissed off than Mexican movie badass Machete.

Over at Ain’t it Cool News, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo showed up at their door to drop off an “illegal” trailer for their upcoming film Machete, based on the Grindhouse short. The video starts with a humorous introduction by Trejo that basically is a large middle finger to Arizona’s lawmakers.

The trailer actually looks fantastic. It has a marvelous cast including Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Steven Segal, Don Johnson, and Jessica Alba (among many others). It is a big budget movie with a B-movie look. I think that Planet Terror, Rodriguez’s section of Grindhouse worked on a certain level, but wasn’t completely successful. On the other hand I think that last year’s film Black Dynamite accomplished exactly what Grindhouse was trying to do. If Rodriguez can reach that level of self-deprecating hilarity, I think this can be a really great film.

Check Out the Trailer at Ain’t it Cool News

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