‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Official Trailer

The final installment of the Harry Potter series is going to be presented in 3D. When I initially heard that bit of news I was admittedly disappointed that one of my favorite film franchises is jumping on the bandwagon of a trend that many would argue is ruining cinema. However, the greatness of Harry Potter is in the story, which will likely not be affected by the distracting use of technology.

The official trailer for the two-part finale was released today and it is looking pretty fantastic. It has a very Lord of the Rings feel with dark sepia tones and epic sweeping camera shots. The second half of the trailer is a brief montage where the camera is very fluidly moving towards and away from the characters. The film is being released in two parts, but the trailer appears to show scenes from both. The excellent Ralph Fiennes appears ready to steal his scenes once again as the gloriously evil Lord Voldemort, one of the most wicked film villains of all-time.

Check out the trailer below and let me know your favorite part in the comments.

In conjunction with today’s trailer release, the studio has also released a number of stills. Check out my favorites below and you can see the rest at /Film.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 will be released on November 19, 2010.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 will be released on July 15, 2011.

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  • I am so pysched for these movies. As much as I adore the first two, I think these may turn out to be the best in the entire series. Why? Because “DH” (flawed though it was) is easily the most cinematic of the seven books. Almost no time is spent sitting around in class, which could make for terrific and exciting action in the films.

    I do wish they hadn’t decided to film the epilogue, though. Man, that was awful.

  • Jose

    Hermione had blood on her hands in the earlier teasers when she’s holding her hands up, what’s up with them being clean here?

    Other than that, that was an excellent trailer thatmade me realize how I have nothing to do until November 19! Please hurry November!

    P.S. anyone got any idea as to where the split is going tohappen? I hope its when SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO FOR SOME REASON HAVE YET TO READ THE BOOKS! the gang is kidnapped by the Snatchers and part 2 opens with them in Malfoy Manor. Iheard elsewhere though that all of Dobby will be in the first movie, so the first film will end when the gang is at the cotage. Any thoughts?

  • Jose

    @G1000, while I liked the epilogue, there’s a chance that it might not make it to the final cut of the movie. After all, Dumbledore’s funeral was filmed in “Half Blood Prince” but in the end it got cut out, so the same could happen to the epilogue.

  • @Jose – I hypothesized where the split would be in one of my first posts on Film Misery – http://www.filmmisery.com/?p=187

  • Brandon Cooley

    The first two movies are the only ones that are worthy to the books in my opinion. The rest of them have been disapointing. However, the 7th book had a lot of flaws, so maybe the movie will correct them in the way the other movies have altered the books. For example one of the pictures shows Harry and Voldemort dueling outside the castle, but in the book they duel inside. Usually I dislike it when the movie changes things in the book (like the 6th movie), but in this case I am okay with it. The two parts is a great idea to make it with more depth.

  • I agree that the first two movies are the best, but I would disagree that the others weren’t “worthy to the books”. I wouldn’t give any of the movies less than a B+, and I think the “Order of the Phoenix” film was one of the rare times that the movie was BETTER than the book (I did not like the book very much).

    Originally, I hated the two movie split, believing it to be a simple money-grab. I think it still is, but after seeing how much was cut from “HBP”, it’s probably also the right move artistically. Bottom line: if they do it right, these two films have the potential to be better than the first two. So let’s hope they do it right.

  • Rachel

    Say what you want, but I think this movie has a chance at a couple of oscar nomnations. Not Best Picture or Directors or acting or writing though. It looks VERY good.

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