‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II’ Featurette Includes All Eight Films

I have been a sucker for the recent marketing campaign by Warner Bros. that plays to the nostalgia of fans of the series. The first Harry Potter book was released when I was 11 years old and just beginning to become conscious about art and how it is made and J.K. Rowlings books and the film adaptations were a huge part of my childhood and adult life so I am definitely susceptible to these nostalgia trips. I know many Film Misery readers are just as excited for the eighth and final movie as I am, so I thought it would be worth posting this featurette via Rope of Silicon.

After opening with the first screen test of the now very recognizable Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint the featurette continues with the typical interviews with the cast and crew. While they are speaking we see cross-cut images from every movie in the franchise and it only serves to increase my excitement for the finale.

Check it out below and definitely share your thoughts in the comments. On a side note Phil and I will be doing a Harry Potter retrospective on the podcast where we go back and revisit every individual movie before reviewing the newest addition. Stay tuned for that in early July.

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  • I find myself in an interesting situation with regards to the Harry Potter films. I grew up reading “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”, but by the time the first Harry Potter book was released I was 16 and it was … well, it certainly wasn’t on my radar, as it gave me the impression of being geared towards a younger audience (younger than I felt, at least!). I decided I wanted to just experience the films as stand-alone entities and keep the books for after all the movies had been released, which is quickly approaching.

    The movies I think are incredibly uneven. The first one was fun and magical, but fairly lumbering, but it was all new and whimsical and charming that it was enough to sustain interest. The second one? Not so much. Third was one of my favorite, as it focused more on a story than a “year a Hogwarts” as the previous films had done. Fourth and fifth blur together – not bad, some clunky scenes, but overall enjoyable. Seven I enjoyed a lot actually, and I thought the eighth (part 1) kept a logical character progression that I was able to follow easily while keeping a feeling of worlds colliding in the background. I’m looking forward to Harry Potter 8.2, if only to see a franchise come to a conclusion after so many years.

    And then it’s on to the books!

  • I was 8 when the first book came out. Now, I wonder after the last movie is released, what is there to wait anymore

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