‘Harry Potter,’ the Musical!

This is one of the greatest things I have seen in a long time. Culture Vulture has pointed to Harry Potter, the Musical developed by students at the University of Michigan. It’s seriously Broadway (or at least Off-Broadway) quality and is an easy way to kill a LOT of time. Below is Act I, Part 1 – you can click the video to view all parts.

It doesn’t really establish what book it is based on, but it kind of combines several of them. Absolutely brilliant.

  • G1000

    This is brilliant!

  • Totally awesome!

  • Maddie

    i watched the whole thing 4 times in three days :) its the best thing on this planet

  • Avvi

    OMG it is the best thing ever! I was in stitches the whole time!!!

  • Thanks for posting this Alex, this is one of the most amusing things I’ve watched in a long time! I’m off to watch part two now :)

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