Haven’t Seen ‘The Hurt Locker’? You’re in Luck!


Don’t you hate the frustration that comes when you miss a film that was released earlier in the year when it suddenly starts getting awards left and right and you can’t find it on DVD or in theatres anywhere? Well, Summit Entertainment is fixing that problem for anybody who missed The Hurt Locker during its limited release over the summer. The film is being re-released in theatres this coming weekend in an effort to continue its Oscar push.

Over the summer, The Hurt Locker appeared in 535 theatres and this time around it is only in 124 theatres, all in major cities. However, with the huge surge of buzz it has received as of late and the fact that it is a definite Best Picture frontrunner should increase it’s Box Office totals.

I absolutely recommend The Hurt Locker to anybody. It has become the quintessential Iraq war movie and several veterans I’ve spoken to say it features the best portrayal of the life of a modern day soldier. It’s beautifully filmed and powered by some of the finest performances of the year. If this is coming to a theatre near you and you’re one of the many who missed it this summer, go see it!

[Source: Film Junk]

  • Chris

    GO SEE THIS!!!

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