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Every week I keep telling myself that I’m going to take some time to catch up with the essential elements of Film Misery – Oscar predictions, reviews, columns, etc. However, due to increasing opportunities like interviews, the podcast, and advanced screenings I have not had time to get back to the basics. It is time again to reach out for help to keep this site running at full capacity especially when Awards season comes around.

There are hundreds of talented writers who are simply looking for a place to share their thoughts on film. Over the last year Film Misery has averaged around 600 unique visitors per day and that number tends to increase as we approach the annual Academy Awards ceremony. Whether you want to put in a lot of writing or just an occasional article, we are looking for you. Information about how to apply is at the bottom of this post, but before considering be sure to read the notes below.

Notes About Writing for Film Misery

  1. This is not paid work. The advertisements run on Film Misery only earn enough money to cover the costs of hosting and operating the website. In the future we may be at a place where we will be profitable, but for now this is a true hobby site for myself and the contributors.
  2. There are non-monetary perks. As the site has grown in popularity so has my connections to film studios and marketing companies. Depending on your geographic location you may have the opportunity to attend screenings or events. For instance, Davin started writing DVD reviews last year and now he receives certain Blu-Rays before their release for review purposes.
  3. The Oscar prediction pages will still be done by me. I am not opposed to somebody doing another Oscar column, but the major prediction pages will still be done by me.
  4. You must have a basic knowledge of HTML. You don’t have to know advanced programming languages because WordPress pretty much can do everything, but for Film Misery’s purposes some HTML knowledge is required. For a tutorial check out W3 Schools.
  5. No screen names or weird nicknames. If you’re uncomfortable sharing your real name come up with a believable pen name, but I don’t want any GodfatherFan69′s writing for this site.

Positions Open

Position #1: Column Writers

Duties: Do you have an aspect of film you’re particularly interested in like a certain genre or era? I am looking for people to write a weekly or bi-weekly column of your choice.

Qualifications: Required – Basic knowledge of HTML, diverse knowledge of film. Preferred – At least 18 years of age.

Number of Openings: 1-4


Position #2: News Editor

Duties: This position is for people who closely follow the latest movie news (casting announcements, trailer releases, awards, etc.). You will be added to the press list for local studios and receive press releases first.

Qualifications: Required – Basic knowledge of HTML, vast knowledge of movie news sites. Preferred – At least 18 years of age, experience writing news.

Number of Openings: 1


Position #3: Part-Time Contributor

Duties: This is more of a cover-all position. Help with reviews, columns, news, trailer postings, and a column of your own.

Qualifications: Required – Basic knowledge of HTML, diverse knowledge of film. Preferred – At least 18 years of age, experience writing about movies.

Number of Openings: 1-4

How to Apply

If what you see above interests you send an e-mail to with the following:

Name: (ex. Alex Carlson)
Age: (ex. 24)
Location (City, State, Country): (ex. St. Paul, MN, USA)
E-Mail Address: (ex.

Position Desired: (ex. Part-time contributor)

Have you written for any film websites before? Which and how long?

  • (ex. Yes, I have written for a blog called Films for Freddie – – where I wrote reviews and features about movies. I wrote for that site for 1.5 years.)

What is your knowledge of website programming languages?

  • (ex. I know HTML and some CSS. I used them both for my former website Films for Freddie.)

Do you have any ideas for columns or features?

  • (ex. I would love to do a weekly column on Women in Film. It will cover both modern actresses and classic film roles.)

What would you like to see improved about Film Misery?

  • (ex. I think you should do more Foreign Film coverage.)

What special movie-related events do you attend or get involved with?

  • (ex. Every year I attend the San Francisco Film Festival and I would love to cover it for Film Misery.)

Attach two pieces of your writing to the e-mail.

Applications are due by Friday, September 30.

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  • Calvin

    Hmmm….. to apply or not to apply……

  • Calvin

    Given the fact that I have absolutely no résumé I’m going to go with remaining a frequent commenter.

  • Asif Khan

    OMG …. wow …. i am intersted in the Part time Contributor :D been writing reviews and stuff for more than a year now :D i would love to to do this.

    ok so i am applying. yaay, hopefully i get picked up :(

  • So tempting (and I have a few great column ideas), but things are about to get really busy for me for a while, so I really can’t make that kind of commitment right now. Plus, I don’t know HTML. Maybe at some point, though. Good luck with your search! Davin’s column is awesome, so hopefully you find some other folks who are equally good.

  • Even though I love to write, my experience is small and I don’t know much about HTML. I still might go ahead and apply though. It would be fun.

  • As much as I’d love to get some sort of perks for my work for once, I feel like I’d be robbing an opportunity from somebody else. I have a site where I can voice my daily to weekly opinions, which isn’t something everyone can say. I’m looking forward to hearing even more diverse opinions when they arrive, and debating them as usual.

  • Calvin … I don’t know you, but this might be a great opportunity to get your resume started!

    I love your site, but writing about film isn’t really my forte and I don’t have time for any more writing commitments. However I’ll pass this along to someone I believe may be qualified and interested.

    By the way, I love the Adaptation picture at the top if your post. Ah … the angst of fighting through writer’s block.

  • HTML is my problem …. we learned it in our High School but i forgot it now :( i have started blogging now and i love to write about movies. i have applied but i wont mind if u don’t get it coz there are many more who deserve it. still i thought it might be fun. i wanna be a film critic but can’t :(

  • The HTML is not advanced by any means. It’s mostly just used to clean up certain posts. Sometimes when you add pictures and tables, WordPress makes things look weird. With some HTML knowledge things can be cleaned up better.

  • Thanks Greg!

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