Ho-Hum Harry Potter Ad Campaign Continues

Somebody tell the Harry Potter ad execs that there is more to a movie campaign than posters and TV spots. These seem like the only new looks at one of the most anticipated movies of the summer we’re going to get. Harry Potter fans are obsessive and anytime even a character poster is released they flock. They deserve something better.

There is so much to the Harry Potter books that doesn’t get included in the films. There is so much more depth to each character that the film versions just don’t have time for. What they should do is create character trailers on top of just the character posters. A clip that shows us something that’s not in the film and tells us more about the character.

Perhaps Warner Bros. knows they don’t need to spend the money, because the movie is going to make loads of money anyway. I just think there’s some potential that’s not being reached.

There were new character posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released today. Below is one of them. Check out the UK Harry Potter site for the rest of them.



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