Holiday Week at Film Misery

Happy Holidays, Film Misery readers! I hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas and are excited for the oncoming New Year. As you have probably noticed things have been pretty slow around here the last week or so and that is mostly because I am off of work and have been spending my days doing more relaxing than working. As you may have noticed I have finally finished my Fanny and Alexander review to complete the 12 Days of Christmas at Film Misery.

I have been getting a lot of questions about updated Oscar predictions and end of the year lists so I wanted to update with a planned schedule for the next two weeks. Throughout this week I will be updating the 2011 Oscar predictions and the precursors page with articles that will accompany the major updates. Next week will be the year in review at Film Misery starting on Sunday I will award my Special Citations and Worst of the Year Awards, Monday I will reveal my Top Ten Films of 2010, Tuesday will be the 2nd Annual Film Misery Award nominations, Wednesday will be the Film Misery Award winners, Thursday will bring the Most Anticipated Films of 2011, and Friday will be a look at what’s ahead for Film Misery in 2011.

Expect sporadic Oscar updates throughout this week as well as reviews of Black Swan, The King’s Speech, and Rabbit Hole. Until then, please share your best film-related Christmas presents. Mine was the Apocalypse Now 3-Disc Blu-Ray.


  • I can’t wait for Top Ten Films and Film Misery Awards. My favorite film-related present would be the Avatar 3-disc Blu-ray. I also got “The Town”, “The Sound Of Music”, “Toy Story 3”, and “Despicable Me” Blu-Rays. And “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “Ghandi” on DVD

  • I don’t have a Blu-Ray, but my favorite film-related present was probably “The Kids Are All Right” on DVD.

  • I got the Complete Metropolis DVD, that was it though. It really is a masterpiece. I will be doing a top ten as well at some point.

  • Duncan – There is a 50% off sale at Barnes and Noble, and I have $45 in gift cards there so I’m think about buying “The Kids Are Alright

  • Anessa

    I got a lot of blu-ray’s for Christmas, since it was all I said when asked what I wanted from anybody.

    I got a really weird range in movies, “Gattaca”, “Atonement”, “The Labyrinth”, “The Prestige”, “Memoirs of Geisha”, “Princess Bride” ,”2001: A Space Odyssey”, “Moon” “Inception” and “Twister”. The last one being a joke, because I hate Twister.

  • Only film-related gift I got was getting Netflix for another year. And that’s really all I need. There are very few movies I actually want to own.

  • I guess I lied, I also got David Thompson’s ‘The New Biographical Dictionary of Film’ 5th edition, absolutely amazing.

  • Brandon Cooley

    I got The Criterion Collection versions of The Thin Red Line, The Battle of Algiers, and The Third Man.

  • Jose

    The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition

    The Greatest Movies Ever-The Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of all Time by Gail Kinn and Jim Piazza

    A DVD player when I was 11 and it came with the Lilo & stitch DVD along with Star Wars Episode 2 and Harry Potter & the Sorceror’s Stone

    A $50 giftcard for Barnes and Nobles that I used to buy The Simpsons Movie and Once

    Avatar 3 Disc

    And this wasn’t somethin I got, but I gave my brother an Animaniacs season 1 Volume 2 DVD and the look on his face made the rest of my year.

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