How Male Dominant is the Movie Industry?

Just before I head out to the cabin for the rest of Memorial Day Weekend, I thought I would leave you with something to talk about. Recently a video appeared on YouTube (see below) talking about the Bachdel Test, which is done to see if a movie has any female involvement at all. In order for a film to pass the Bechdel Test three things have to be true:

  1. The movie must have at least two women in it who have names.
  2. The two women must talk to one another.
  3. They must talk about something other than a man.

It sounds simple enough, but a shocking number of movies in Hollywood do not come even close to passing the test. The official website for the Bechdel Test keeps a list of movies for each year and rates them based on how well they pass the test or if they do at all. Only a select number of movies from 2010 have made the cut including Alice in Wonderland, The Back-Up Plan, Date Night, and The Crazies (???).

I also thought I would look back at last year’s Best Picture nominees and from what I can recall of the movies, only three of the ten would sufficiently pass the Bechdel Test – An Education, Precious, and The Blind Side. This may seem like a decent number, but when you consider that the Bechdel Test isn’t classifying a movie as feminist or catered to females, just whether or not it has a female presence, it shows the unbalance.

Hollywood has always been heavily male-influenced, but with Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first female director to win an Academy Award, we may be seeing a shift in the works. With increasing female presence in the film industry, one would only hope that things do change, but there never is certainty.

What do you think of the female presence in the movie industry?

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