Hugh Jackman vs. Daniel Craig vs. Cell Phone

Despite all of the warnings and the fact that it should be habit by now, some people just don’t turn off their cell phones at movies or plays. As a stage actor myself I know how frustrating it can be when a phone goes off in the middle of a particularly tense moment. It destroys the illusion that the audience is peering into a world outside their own and breaks the actors concentration. Theatre and movies make me hate cell phones.

Apparently I am not alone in this hatred. Currently Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are appearing in the Broadway play A Steady Rain, a gritty 1970s cop drama by Keith Huff. During a recent performance an audience member committed the cardinal sin of leaving their cell phone on. To make matters worse the jackass whose phone it was didn’t turn it off for several rings. Jackman handled things like a true professional, breaking the fourth wall in character and chiding the audience member. He clearly catches Craig off-guard who just kind of stares and waits.

Check it out:

If I was at this play I would feel fortunate to have witnessed this outburst by Jackman, but at the same time pissed off that someone in the audience was so idiotic. Turn off your damn cell phones, people. It’s really not that hard.

[Source: Cinematical]

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  • G1000

    There’s an easy way to correct this problem. People who let their cell phones ring during plays, movies, and concerts should be prosecuted for theft (since they’re stealing the audience’s enjoyment of a performance). Send them to jail for 30 days or so (or else hit them with a hefty fine). That will help stop this epidemic. Also, I’d like to mention another annoying habit some people have: bringing really young children to movies. For instance, I usually wait a week or so after the latest “Pixar” release to go see it, due to my fear of little kids talking during the movie. Unless your child knows how to be quiet during the movie, don’t bring him or her. I realize it’s important to introduce young kids to the joys of the cinema, but not at the expense of everyone else’s enjoyment.

  • Yeah, I totally agree on the kids thing. I always try to go to Pixar movies at the 10pm showing on weeknights just to avoid screaming babies.

    I’m all for bringing kids to the cinema, but there has to be an age. No children under 5 should be allowed.

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