Hugh Jackman Will Not Host the Oscars. So Who Should? Here Are 5 Suggestions

Deadline is reporting that Oscar telecast executive producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer approached Hugh Jackman to host the 83rd Annual Oscar ceremony. The talented song and dance man hosted the 81st Oscars with great success with many calling him one of the best hosts the telecast has had in years. That success will not be repeated in 2011, however, as Jackman has turned down the hosting gig due to prior commitments with the filming of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel.

The announcement of who will host the Oscars should definitely be imminent as the ceremony edges continually closer. Will the producers seek out another singer/actor like Jackman or will they go for the usual comedian? Here are my selections for five potential Oscar hosts that would shake up the prestigious ceremony:

Ricky Gervais

It is unlikely that this foul-mouthed comedian will be hosting the Oscars ceremony because he is already booked for another round of the Golden Globes. However, Ricky Gervais’ sense of humor would make the typical audience reaction shots even more hilarious as the celebrities squirm at the awkwardness. Gervais does not pull any punches when it comes to making jokes at the expense of powerful celebrities and he is exactly the type of host the Oscar ceremony needs.

Zach Galifianakis

Most people are familiar with Galifianakis’ recent film roles in The Hangover and Due Date, but his real brilliance is in his stand-up routines. Galifianakis is an admitted celebrity hater (see his special “Live at the Purple Onion”), which could make for some hilarious improvised back and forth dialogue as Zach comically insults a pretentious star. Most of his humor is self-deprecating and his one-liners would be the highlight of the self-congratulatory ceremony.

Neil Patrick Harris

If the producers are still looking for someone who has name recognition and the ability to sing and dance, Neil Patrick Harris seems like an obvious alternative to Hugh Jackman. His musical opening was one of the best parts of last year’s Oscars and he already has Awards ceremony hosting experience from the 2009 Tonys. Although their may be some scheduling conflicts as NPH is also currently working on another sequel: A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

Conan O’Brien

There is no television show that is currently more anticipated than Coco’s new late night talk show “Conan.” A lot of the Hollywood audience came out in open support of Conan when he was fired from “The Tonight Show” and he would likely get a great reception. Conan has excellent stage presence and is one of the most creative television personalities in the industry. A Conan-hosted Oscars would likely be different than any we’ve seen previously – different in a good way.

Justin Timberlake

Another good choice for a host who can do the singing and dancing that Jackman did so well would be boy band heartthrob turned serious actor Justin Timberlake. Timberlake appears in one of the films that is going to be all over this year’s Oscars so his selection would be a conscience nod to the 2010 year in film. While his supporting turn in The Social Network may not score him an Oscar nomination, it should at least earn him enough cred to become a potential host.

Who would be your choice to host the 83rd Annual Oscar ceremony?

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  • Angel E.

    The top 3 should NEVER host anything. They have that “Hey, look at me, I’m “trying” to make you laugh” humor. Which ends up being lame…

    Conan & JT on the other hand are actually funny. Can’t go wrong either way.

    My pick: Conan.

    Also was a wild card, I think Ellen should host again, she did a great job the first time.

  • Isaac Richter

    I’m going to hop on the Guy Lodge bandwagon on this one and say Tina Fey. She has proven in her presenting duties to be the highlight of whatever show she is on (paired up with Steve Martin, or Robert Downey Jr, or even Mathew Morrison at the Emmys) and it would be great to see her at the Oscars. Either alone, or with a co-presenter, either way she would be perfect.

  • NPH would be a good choice. Or Tina Fey and Steve Martin, who played off each other so well when they presented an award the year Jackman hosted.

    Conan is just overexposed right now. I’m already sick of hearing about his show and it hasn’t even started airing yet.

  • Tina Fey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes :)

  • Andrew R.

    Gervais-I really like him, but he’s already doing Globes.

    Galifanakis-He’s funny, but I doubt they’ll go for him.

    NPH-How predictable.



    I do like the Tina Fey suggestion!

    (For some reason, I get the feeling Betty White will make an appearance.)

  • I think everyone likes the Tina Fey suggestion. The producers would be wise to choose her.

  • Anessa

    Well it seems I’m the only one who’s not on board with Tina Fey…

    I agree with Murtada in saying Conan is too overexposed; I do like him, but I see him everywhere now.

    I wouldn’t mind NPH or Justin, I know it they’ll make for an entertaining show, but I want someone a bit more out of the blue like…..Stephan Colbert lol

  • Jose

    Billy Crystal.
    There, problem solved.

  • Jake G.

    Ryan Seacrest haha???

  • SACHA BARON COHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He sings and he is truly, genuinely hilarious. Unfortunately they tried this last year and he didn’t bite.

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