‘Inglourious Basterds’ is a Hit!

Tarantino’s long awaited WWII film saw its first screenings at Cannes this morning and so far word is very positive. The first review I came across was Chris Hewitt from Empire who raved about the film:

Tarantino has made a career out of subverting expectations – this is the man who made a heist flick without a heist, after all – but he’s outdone himself with Basterds.


The next review is from FirstShowing.net‘s Alex Billington who says the film is not a masterpiece, but vintage Tarantino and says:

It’s as awesome as Tarantino’s first two films and as entertaining as his most recent few. It’s the WWII movie we’ve been waiting to see.


Another positive review came from Roger Friedman of the new Showbiz 411. He calls the film:

…the most ambitious American movie at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and definitely the best in competition. Tarantino fans won’t be disappointed, but they may be challenged more than in the past as this film is more thoughtful and textured in its approach than Tarantino’s other famous efforts.


The only somewhat negative review I have seen so far is from indieWIRE‘s Eric Kohn who says:

Despite the injection of content from a variety of directions, “Basterds” lacks the crackly excitement of Tarantino’s other efforts, mainly because he can’t seem to tie the whole package together…The disconnected ingredients don’t mean that the movie lacks the ability to deliver a good time, but simply that it never rises above the sense of a juvenile cinephilic rush job, and everyone knows Tarantino can do better than that.


I would say it’s probably not a Palme contender, but it’s definitely more of an Oscar threat than a lot of people thought. It sounds like it might be a possibility for screenplay and supporting actor for Pitt. Perhaps even Tarantino could creep in with a director nomination. Only time will tell.


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