//Introducing Film Misery 3.0!
Film Misery 3.0! Say Cheese!

Introducing Film Misery 3.0!

Film Misery 3.0! Say Cheese!

I am pleased to announce that we have finally completed the migration to a new server and launched Film Misery 3.0! We are now on a larger, more reliable server that should be able to handle the surge of traffic that comes to Film Misery every Oscar season! Our new web host should also be more reliable in terms of up-time and a little bit faster than previously.

Technically this is not the third iteration of Film Misery. This is actually our fourth web host in as many years and our fifth design change. However, this change represents a new strategy as well as a new look. In our 4+ years of operation we have transitioned from a site that mainly focused on the Oscars, to a site that focused on mainstream movie coverage, and now to a site that will focus on keeping the cinematic conversation going. We will keep providing most of the features that we always have, but our focus with version 3.0 will be on recognizing movies that don’t get coverage from all movie websites and adding something unique to the internet conversation about mainstream films and television. At Film Misery, we pride ourselves on being an independent voice and not influenced by marketing or the groupthink mentality.

Here are some changes that are either here or on the way:

1) New Look

As you can see, Film Misery has a brand new look. We have maintained many of the features from our previous design, with an added focus on simplicity. The reason for this lack of stuff (plugins, images, etc) is to make Film Misery more reader friendly on as many devices as possible. The new look is responsive, meaning that it should alter its appearance to fit the screen that is viewing it. Try looking at Film Misery on your tablet, smart phone, and other devices just to ensure everything is in working order (report all errors to Alex@filmmisery.com).

This look is going to be a work in progress. I wanted to keep it minimal to start, so that I can gauge which plugins and features use the most bandwidth. I want to keep the site fast and the costs down, so you will probably see slight adjustments throughout the next couple of months.

2) Switch to Disqus for Comments

orson-wellesIf you have used commenting platforms on other websites, chances are that you have seen or used Disqus. Disqus is a commenting platform that allows users to create their own profiles or use a social media profile to post comments. Users can respond to other comments and vote for the ones they like best. The most highly rated comments get displayed on top, putting the power in the hands of the readers.

If you have not done so already, be sure to create a profile or link Disqus to your preferred social media account. If you do not set up your own profile picture, the default will be the handsome visage of Orson Welles.

3) New Features and Old

The main comment that I get when I ask readers what they would like to see improved about Film Misery is “more, please.” We have a good variety of content including essays, lists, and reviews, but they are not posted with any sort of consistency. We have narrowed down the number of features that we offer and will try to get them posted with greater frequency.

Here is a reminder of the features that we have with an estimate of how frequently they will be posted:

  • Master Moments – A writer highlights a specific scene or moment that is considered masterful. (Twice Monthly)
  • Blind Spot – A writer reviews a classic movie after seeing it for the first time. (Twice Monthly)
  • Movie Lists – A list. About movies. (Weekly)
  • Interviews – We interview people who make movies. (Whenever the Opportunity Arises)
  • Film Essays – An essay that does not fit into one of the other categories. (Monthly)
  • Box Office Results – A quick summary of how films performed at weekend Box Office. (Every Sunday)
  • New on DVD/Blu-Ray – A list of our most anticipated new releases. (Every Tuesday)
  • Q & A – The entire staff answers one question. (Monthly)
  • Oscar Tracker – A rundown of Oscar news and predictions (Twice Monthly September – February)
  • Quick Takes – Brief reviews of the films we saw recently. (Weekly)

In addition we will continue the podcast, Oscar predictions, trailers, and news updates. We will also be trying to make Movie Marathons a more frequent occurrence. Our most recent marathon about South Korean Cinema just started!

4) TV Misery

Due to popular demand (and the fact that it’s more of an art form than ever), Film Misery will now be covering television! TV Misery articles will start soon and we’re not exactly sure what they will be yet, but look forward to insightful musings from Justin Jagoe and Hilary Kissinger about the shows that everybody is watching!

5) Social Media

If you are not connected to us on social media, you are not getting the whole conversation! We post a lot of links and discussions exclusively on Twitter and Facebook that do not appear anywhere else. These include open-ended questions, streaming recommendations, and movie news discussions. Our social media pages will be getting a revamp over the next couple of days to match the new look on the main website. Here is where you can find us:

In addition to these changes, I am also pleased to announce that Duncan has been promoted to Senior Editor. He has carried the bulk of the weight when it comes to keeping content flowing on Film Misery and he definitely deserves it.

The website is still a work in progress and you will notice that many of the old posts still have broken images. That should be getting fixed in the next couple of days. If you notice any major issues, please do not hesitate to contact me: Alex@filmmisery.com

What do you think of the new Film Misery? What can we do to make it better?

Alex started Film Misery in early 2009 after living the site’s title for many years. His film obsession began in high school when he and his friends would see all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees and try to make predictions...Full Bio.