//Introducing Film Misery 4.0!

Introducing Film Misery 4.0!

Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years.

In December of 2008 I was a bored, recent college grad living in a quiet Minnesota town with a newly acquired Netflix subscription (4 discs at a time) and an eagerness to share my incoherent thoughts on cinema with someone other than my over-worked wife, who at the time was still in her final year of college. On a whim I purchased the domain name filmmisery.com where I planned to post Oscar predictions and any musings on the recent slate of films that came in the red envelopes. Film Misery was born.

In the nearly 10 years since then the site has seen amazing growth and expanded to include some of the smartest and most eloquent film writers on the web. Starting in 2012, after the birth of my first child, I began scaling back my involvement in Film Misery and for the past three years I have been essentially absent, leaving the site in the capable hands of Justin Jagoe, Lena Houst, G Clark Finfrock, and occasionally Hillary Kissinger. However, with my children getting older and more independent I find myself exactly where I was 10 years ago – watching movies and wanting to talk about them.

Today we are excited to relaunch Film Misery with version 4.0! As you can see there is a new layout, new color scheme, and new menu. The new design is a work in progress, so please be patient as we work out the bugs (and please contact me if you run into page errors or if things aren’t displaying correctly). We now have four writers including myself, Justin Jagoe, Lena Houst (who is currently covering the New York Film Festival), and G Clark Finfrock. Our Senior Editor Justin Jagoe has put together a content calendar with posts coming almost daily. Here are some of the exciting things you can expect:

Movie Reviews

We will be reviewing new releases, classic films, film festival offerings and more! We have a new rating system (stars instead of letter grades) and each review will feature “Second Takes” at the bottom where other writers will link to their Letterboxd reviews or takes published elsewhere. We’ll also be bringing back the “Quick Takes” column that allows one writer to cover several films with shorter reviews.

Awards Coverage

Oscar predictions will be back this week along with occasional updates about precursor races and movies to see based on Oscar buzz. The first predictions update will be coming later this week!


Justin and G Clark have been doing amazing work on the Film Misery Podcast and they’ll be bringing more episodes with occasional guests several times each month. Subscribe in Apple Podcasts or search “Film Misery” wherever you get podcasts to get the latest episodes downloaded automatically.

Streaming Guide

This is a new feature inspired by the ever-expanding library of online movies from a variety of different streaming services. Each column will have a different focus – new releases, Oscar winners, films by a certain director, etc. – and will include links to the various services that offer each title. We have no affiliations with any streaming service, so the offerings will be varied.

Movie News

Whenever we feel the need to weigh in on casting news, trailers, project announcements or any other news items, we will do our best to provide our own unique perspective. We’re also going to be offering a “Recommended Reads” column where we’ll post links to the articles, reviews, and news that we find interesting.

TV Misery

These days some of the most exciting cinematic offerings are never released in a cinema – television offerings in 2018 are exciting, diverse, and attracting some of the brightest talent in the business. We will offer occasional thoughts on television shows that are making us miserably obsessed.

Columns and Movie Marathons

While they probably won’t be as prevalent as they once were, we will still be offering occasional columns including Master Moments, Movie Lists, Oscar History, and Q & A. Also, stay tuned for our first movie marathon of 2018, which will be announced later today!


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Write for Us?

We will be looking to increase our staff of writers in the near future. Stay tuned for an official call for applications, but in the meantime if you’re interested in learning more, please contact me or Justin.

We look forward to making you all miserable for the foreseeable future!

Alex started Film Misery in early 2009 after living the site’s title for many years. His film obsession began in high school when he and his friends would see all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees and try to make predictions...Full Bio.