‘Iron Man 2’ Box Office Overestimated by $5.5 Million

Normally I don’t post Box Office actuals because rarely are the estimates off by more than one or two million dollars. However, since totals are somewhat important for the Box Office predictions that many of you readers and I have enjoyed making, I thought it best to be accurate.

Paramount Studios drastically overestimated the total earned this past weekend by Iron Man 2. Instead of earning the estimated $133.6 million, it actually earned $128.1 million, a difference of $5.5 million. This indicates a 32% drop in totals from Saturday to Sunday, which itself follows a 10.7% drop from Friday to Saturday. This hints that Iron Man 2 is not as strong of a Box Office contender as originally thought. Depending on how ready people are to head to the cinema this summer, we may see upcoming summer films doing much better than Iron Man 2 in overall totals. Films like Toy Story 3 and and Inception that are predicted to have strong staying power may find it easier to surpass Iron Man 2.

Of course, I’m purely speculating as I don’t know anything, but next week’s performance of Robin Hood should be a major indicator of Iron Man 2‘s potential.

[Source: Alternative Film Guide]


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