//‘Iron Man 2’ Tops Box Office for Second Week

‘Iron Man 2’ Tops Box Office for Second Week

In the second week of cinematic summer Iron Man 2 had the 13th highest second weekend of all-time. It had some strong competition, but  still managed to remain on top for at least one more week. Iron Man 2‘s $53 million second weekend is still quite a bit behind 2010’s highest grossing film Alice in Wonderland‘s $62.7 million second weekend. The new offerings of the weekend all had impressive showings, finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for the week.

Here are the weekend’s results as well as how I did on my predictions:

Box Office Estimates
May 14-16, 2010

1) Iron Man 2 (Prediction: 1st)
ACTUAL: $53 million | PREDICTION: $58 million

I actually did really well on my predictions this week, getting the order of the top 4 movies all correct and only missing their numbers by about $5 million. Don’t expect the comic book movie’s reign to last as it has to face off against the inflated 3D prices of Shrek: The Final Chapter and MacGruber, which will be pulling from Iron Man 2‘s audience.

2) Robin Hood (Prediction: 2nd)
ACTUAL: $37.1 million | PREDICTION: $38.4 million

When I saw this movie on Saturday night I saw a lot of adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s in the theatre with a few teenagers sprinkled in. I rather enjoyed the movie, but I could tell that the younger audience members weren’t enthralled. This means the movie will probably fall out of the top ten very soon with lots of competing offerings coming to theatres next weekend.

3) Letters to Juliet (Prediction: 3rd)
ACTUAL: $13.8 million | PREDICTION: $18.1 million

In the Midwest we enjoyed one of the most beautiful weekends of the year and I believe other parts of the country had the same good fortune. This probably kept a lot of people outside rather than at the cinema, which would account for a much lower overall total than last weekend.

4) Just Wright (Prediction: 4th)
ACTUAL: $8.5 million | PREDICTION: $13.6 million

The lowest grossing premiere of the weekend, Just Wright had the disadvantage of being released in fewer theatres and receiving less of an advertising campaign. It actually narrowly beat Letters to Juliet in the per theatre average for the weekend.

5) How to Train Your Dragon (Prediction: 6th)
ACTUAL: $5.1 million | PREDICTION: $3.9 million

I should have expected How to Train Your Dragon to beat A Nightmare on Elm Street considering there still isn’t really a movie that can offer something for the young child and family audience. That will be fixed next weekend with Shrek: The Final Chapter‘s release.

6) A Nightmare on Elm Street (Prediction: 5th)
ACTUAL: $4.7 million | PREDICTION: $4.6 million

The order was wrong, but the number was dead on. There was a lot of audience being pulled away from this movie in favor of Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood this weekend.

7) Date Night (Prediction: 7th)
ACTUAL: $4 million | PREDICTION: $3.2 million

Just Wright and Letters From Juliet went after the date movie crowd, leaving not much for this Carrell/Fey comedy.

8) The Back-Up Plan (Prediction: 8th)
ACTUAL: $2.5 million | PREDICTION: $2.8 million

I hope that it has enjoyed its brief stay among the top ten movies of the weekend, because it’s sure to be knocked off with next week’s batch of releases.

9) Furry Vengeance (Prediction: 9th)
ACTUAL: $2.3 million | PREDICTION: $2.5 million

The family movie fare was very limited, but that will change when Shrek 4 gets released next weekend. This movie should be nowhere near the top ten next weekend.

10) Clash of the Titans (Prediction: N/A)
ACTUAL: $1.3 million | PREDICTION: N/A

I’m really impressed this movie was able to hang on to the top ten considering it received a huge decline in theatre count and Robin Hood seemed like it would take almost all of its audience. Well, at $160 million total, it’s had a good run.

In my best week for predictions yet, I got 7 of the 10 spots correct. This makes two weeks in a row with the number 1-3 spots guessed correctly. Next week expect Shrek: The Final Chapter to knock Iron Man 2 out of the number one spot as families flock to the box office.

[Source for Totals: Box Office Mojo]

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