//It’s Back! NEW Daily Trivia Contest – Name That Santa!

It’s Back! NEW Daily Trivia Contest – Name That Santa!

We are long overdue for a new Daily Trivia Contest at Film Misery and it’s finally back! For those of you who may be new to Film Misery, we like to challenge the film knowledge of our readers with a daily trivia question. Each month has a theme and a new question is posted every day, Monday through Saturday. You can find the question at filmmisery.com/daily-trivia or by finding the link in the “Interactive” menu above.

This month theme honors one of the most recognizable figures this time of year. Name That Santa: According to IMDb, Santa has appeared in more than 800 films. In honor of the month of Christmas, we will be looking at our favorite film Santas. Every day there will be a new screenshot of a movie Santa. Your job is to simply name the movie!

There is plenty of room in the All-Time Top 50 for newcomers, so start your game today. This month’s prize is a fantastic one as well: The Wizard of Oz: 70th Anniversary Edition on DVD. One of the most classic Hollywood movies of all-time is great to revisit every Holiday season and this edition will provide more than enough for any fan of the film. Two-discs include the feature length film, commentary by film historian John Fricke, archived interviews with the cast and crew, documentary profile of Victor Fleming, numerous documentaries about the cast and crew, two ‘Wizard of Oz’ shorts, and more. You will love this DVD because because because because becaaaaaaaaause…I said so.

What are you waiting for? Click the link below to launch this month’s Daily Trivia Contest!

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