//It’s Terence Malick and ‘The Tree of Life’ for the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 2011

It’s Terence Malick and ‘The Tree of Life’ for the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 2011

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It seems there is a three film run-off to be the critical darling of 2011 with The Artist and The Descendants in the lead and Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life not far behind. The latter film received another victory from the Chicago Film Critics Association with their annual awards. Malick also took home the award for Best Director from the group that otherwise kept to the popular choices in most categories.

It is unclear whether or not Michelle Williams will receive the same attention from the actors branch of the Academy as she has from the critics, but as of now she seems unstoppable. I expect that Viola Davis might regain some ground when the BAFTAs and Guild Awards come out next month, but it is certainly hard to say.

View the full list of awards below.

Chicago Film Critics Association
Awards 2011

Best Picture
The Tree of Life

Best Director
Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life)

Best Actress
Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn)

Best Actor
Michael Shannon (Take Shelter)

Best Supporting Actress
Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life)

Best Supporting Actor
Albert Brooks (Drive)

Best Foreign Film
A Separation

Best Animated Feature

Best Documentary
The Interrupters

Best Original Screenplay
Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist)

Best Adapted Screenplay
Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin (Moneyball)

Best Original Score
Cliff Martinez (Drive)

Best Cinematography
Emmanuel Lubezki (The Tree of Life)

Promising Performer
Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene)

Promising Filmmaker
Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene)

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