Jason Reitman Lied to Non-Actors to Get Truthful Responses


During the narrative of the newly released film Up in the Air, director Jason Reitman included interview style responses from characters about their experiences getting fired. When the film was first released it was unclear whether or not the respondents were real people or not and whether they were reacting to a fictionalized firing from the film or not.

Apparently they were all most definitely real and giving personal testimonies about their own experiences. In order to get such honest and truthful responses Jason Reitman revealed in a recent Q & A that he lied to the non-actors and told them he was making a documentary about the economy. It is unclear when the individuals were informed that they had been duped.

Jason Reitman’s motivation to get honest responses is laudable, but the method is a bit morally questionable. These people believed their testimony was helping individuals who were also struggling in today’s economic climate and must have felt a bit used when they found out they were being used for a studio film with a multi-million dollar budget.

The Playlist points out the irony of the revelation about Reitman:

These people are fretting over extremely tangible things like putting food on the table, and here is handsome millionaire George Clooney strutting through a story about a (theoretically) rich guy struggling to connect emotionally with those around him. We think that’s the sort of creative decision that backfires on a movie’s intentions

Up in the Air was released in a limited number of theatres today and gradually expands throughout the month of December.

[Source: The Playlist]


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