Julie Taymor’s ‘The Tempest’ to Be Released in 2010

Last year Julie Taymor’s upcoming film adaptation of The Tempest was all over my most anticipated movies list and Oscar charts. However, like so many films, its release date was never set in stone and it faded into near oblivion. However, thankfully it’s back on the radar and not only that – it’s coming this year!

Touchstone Pictures a subsidiary company of Disney has picked up the distribution rights to The Tempest and plans to release it in December of 2010. This announcement comes after the film’s original distributor, Miramax, folded last year leaving it without a home. The December release date puts it in prime placement for Awards season and hints that Disney may be positioning the film to be a possible Oscar contender.

Julie Taymor’s film stars Helen Mirren as Prospera, a gender-bending twist on the Shakespearean character who is unjustly scorned by her dead husband’s brother and sent off on a ship that wrecks on a lawless island. She engages in a power struggle with a disfigured character named Caliban and uses her powers of sorcery to control the world around her.

This is the second film version of a Shakespeare play that Taymor has undertaken after 1999’s Titus starring Anthony Hopkins. The Tempest has a mixed American and British cast featuring Alan Cumming, David Strathairn, Djimon Honsou, Chris Cooper, Alfred Molina, Ben Whishaw, Felicity Jones, and Russell Brand as Trinculo – whose “here is neither bush nor shrub” monologue has gotten me into many a play.

With the announcement of a 2010 release, expect this film to crop up in a few categories for my upcoming Oscar predictions. Taymor’s Titus was nominated for Costume Design and expect The Tempest to excel in that category as well as other technical awards (art direction, makeup). Mirren has a chance at lead actress and Honsou might be a shot for Supporting Actor, but Shakespearean roles never seem to get the credit they deserve during Awards season.

[Source: The Playlist]

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