Leave Woody Allen Alone

The feud between Woody Allen and clothing company “American Apparel” continues to escalate and now the AP reports that Allen is trying to block the company’s attempt to call Mia Farrow and her former adopted daughter/Allen’s wife Soon-Yi Previn to the stand in order to question Allen’s character. Allen has called it a “brutish attempt to smear and intimidate him” and he is exactly right. American Apparel’s claim is basically that Woody Allen’s  “image” has been so damaged due to “various sex scandals” in his personal life that it is not worth paying him for its use. American Apparel’s lawyer has even gone so far as to say that “corporate America’s desire to have Woody Allen endorse their product is not what he may believe it is.”

Anybody with a brain in their head can see some serious flaws in the company’s logic. First of all, if it really is the case that Woody Allen’s personal life makes him objectionable, then why would they use his image to endorse their product? Another problem with their case is that the personal information about Woody Allen that they are using against him is already widely known by the public. There is nothing revelatory about the scandal that they are basing their case upon.

American Apparel just does not want to admit that they screwed up and are going to dig up Allen’s past and flaunt it to the public in a cruel attempt to bully him into withdrawing his lawsuit. If Allen wants to fight back using American Apparel’s own methods, he can find plenty of dirt on the clothing company.

American Apparel has claimed to be “sweat-shop free” but they have had lots of controversy of their own. Democracy Uprising has reported that when workers at American Apparel attempted to unionize they were “threatened and intimidated” into backing down. Their claim of  ‘pioneering social responsibility’ is more of a marketing scam than a truth. They’re a company of bullies. And nobody likes a bully.

No word has been released yet from Mia Farrow to see how she feels about being asked to testify. Knowing that her opinion of Woody is pretty low I’m sure she wouldn’t mind another opportunity to drag his name through the mud, although I’m sure she wants this whole thing put behind her as much as Woody does.

I support Woody in this whole ordeal and I hope that his attempt to block testimony from Farrow and Soon-Yi is successful. I hope that he doesn’t let American Apparel bully him.

Really it is American Apparel that should be afraid of Allen because as he said in the film Manhattan: “a satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats really gets right to the point.”


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