//Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Mo’ Money in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants Mo’ Money in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Trailer

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer (2013)
Mark 2013 as the year filmmakers en masse painted a red target on the 1%. Mostly for comedic purposes, of course. The Great Gatsby, The Bling Ring, and Behind the Candelabra have all pushed the negative side effects of flashy materialism – speaking of which, Side Effects does that a bit too. Martin Scorsese seems to be joining the game now with the first trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street.

You’ll recall the book the film’s based on made Alex’s annual Summer Reading List for Movie Fans, where Alex described Jordan Belfort’s writing as particularly into himself. Scorsese and writer Terrence Winters seem to have taken that to extreme comedic effect, focusing less on material possessions and more on the raucous, careless party life Belfort held up behind the scenes.

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer (2013)The only worrisome omen of the film before was Martin Scorsese’s perhaps permanent conversion to digital cameras, but the feel works for a subject this energetic and nontraditional. It also looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is making up for The Great Gatsby not taking off with critics by playing a similarly unhinged member of the self-made rich, but with less romanticism to redeem him.

Dare I say DiCaprio’s polishing a genuine shot at Oscar with this one? Maybe, but I’m personally most excited by the prospect of Matthew McConaughey getting his overdue Magic Mike nod for a character that acts pretty distinctly similar. Just try not smiling during his chest pumping induction of Belfort. The Wolf of Wall Street looks to be as focused and comic a critique of criminal lifestyle as Goodfellas, so don’t be surprised if critics are drawing close parallels in 3-5 months when it premiers somewhere. Personally, I have my fingers crossed for New York Film Festival.

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