//POLL: What is the Best Movie in the Marvel Franchise?

POLL: What is the Best Movie in the Marvel Franchise?

Starting in 2008, Marvel Studios began producing feature films independently with their first two films Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Since that time they have now released six films, all revolving around the same characters and set in the same universe with an overlapping timeline. Their most ambitious project is The Avengers, which assembles all of their heroes into a single film.

The various Marvel movies have been received with differing levels of appreciation from critics and the comic book fanbase. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Iron Man is the best reviewed film in the series with an impressive 94% rating. However, every film in the franchise has received a “Fresh” rating of higher than 60%. Therefore, we are not going to leave it up to the critics, but the wise and all-knowing readership of Film Misery.

Choose which of the five pre-Avengers movies is your favorite in the poll below. We did not include The Avengers on the list, because many won’t have seen it by the end of the weekend and in this writer’s opinion, it will be the obvious winner. Of the remaining five choices, I would actually choose Captain America because I feel it was one of the only films that fully embraced the campy-ness and absurdity of being a superhero.

Cast your vote below and be sure to share your reasoning in the comments!

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