Matt Damon Won’t Let the Studios Ruin ‘Bourne’


There have been rumors flying left and right about a possible fourth Jason Bourne spy thriller. Matt Damon was asked about it in a recent interview with Empire Magazine at the Venice Film Festival. Apparently the dollar-hungry studio executives are hungry for a sequel in a series that is almost guaranteed to do well at the box office. However, it’s refreshing to hear that Damon is having none of that. He says the film will only get made if it keeps up with the high standard of other Bourne films:

It’s just that our job, on the creative side, is to make sure that we create something that’s of a standard. And this one’s really tricky: you can’t see the guy saying “I don’t remember” any more, because he’s lost and regained his memory three times already! And he’s not like Bond, who goes on individual missions. I mean, you could make Bond movies forever, because you’d start each film at the beginning of a new mission.

But Bourne isn’t built that way, unfortunately. I mean, the studio would love that, they’d say, “Well, why don’t you build him that way??” (Laughs) But, what, is he gonna go back and work for the government now? That doesn’t make any sense. So it’s a tricky one, trying to figure out a way, organically, to have a fourth story. But we want to do it.

You’ve got to respect Damon for being one of the few stars in Hollywood who maintains A-list status, but doesn’t sell out by putting money ahead of artistic integrity. There will be a fourth Bourne film, I have no doubt about it, but if Damon and director Paul Greengrass keep this attitude, then it will be made when they’re ready, not when the studios are ready.

In the interview Damon also mentions the upcoming film Green Zone, in which he also collaborates with Greengrass. He calls the film a thriller, which means it is quite contrary to the book on which it is based. That film will be released in March of 2010.

[Source: Empire]


2 Responses to Matt Damon Won’t Let the Studios Ruin ‘Bourne’

  1. G1000 Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 8:33 pm #

    I’ve wanted to see these movies for so long. I just haven’t gotten around to it (I’ve heard they’re fantastic). Nice to see an actor who’s not just in it for the money.

  2. Alex Carlson Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 8:42 pm #

    They’re great films and I’d even venture to say they might be better to see at home. That way the shaky-cam sequences don’t overwhelm too much.

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