May in Film Misery: Chaplin, Contests, and More!

Film Misery has now been online for a few months (about 1 month full time). Many of the links are getting completed day by day and I hope to have more pages online by the end of May. Under the ‘Film History’ heading you’ll find a link for Career Appreciation. My goal for that is to highlight the career of a new person in film every month. I will be covering filmmakers, stars, cinematographers, composers…every part of the filmmaking process. For the month of May we will be appreciating the great Charlie Chaplin – with reviews of his work, historical information about him, and an interactive quiz.

Speaking of interactive, that is another section that will be picking up this month. Starting TOMORROW there will be a new daily contest at Film Misery, that will run throughout the end of the month and renew next month. This month it will be a name that movie based on the quote type of thing. There will be a new quote every day and at the end of the month, whoever got the most correct wins a prize.

I will also be doing my best to update the Oscar History pages throughout the month of May. My updated Oscar predictions for 2010 will be coming at the end of May after the Cannes film festival puts some things in perspective.

Special thanks goes out to everyone who has followed and supported the site as I get things up and running. If you have a site you’d like me to link to, be sure to contact me and let me know. Also, thanks to those who have followed Film Misery on Twitter.

I’d appreciate if you could keep on supporting Film Misery by telling your friends, digg-ing/tweeting/facebooking the articles, and clicking on the ads. I also would like to know what you want to see here. You can answer on the poll to the right or <a href=””>e-mail me</a>. I appreciate any compliments or criticism, but please say something more constructive than “nice site” or “you suck.”

Here goes May!

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