Maybe I Was Wrong About ‘Captain America’ – Alan Menken Provides an Upbeat Rouser

I have kept no secret about the fact that I am not anticipating this weekend’s latest addition to the Marvel movie universe – Captain America: The First Avenger. Everything about the footage I have seen in trailers and TV spots seems to indicate another bland, forgettable comic book movie along the lines of Thor. However, I may have just had my mind completely changed thanks to one individual man – Alan Menken.

Those who aren’t familiar with the 8-time Oscar winner will recognize his work in films like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Enchanted, and Tangled. He is the composer who has brought us such catchy songs as “Be Our Guest,” “A Whole New World,” and “Go the Distance.” In what might seem like an odd pairing this master of the animated showtune was tapped to compose a song for Joe Johnston’s Captain America. The song, which is titled “Star Spangled Man,” can now be heard online and it is excellent.

The song is an upbeat rouser with a decidedly silly and over-sentimentally American feel. It’s a pure ball of cheese of the kind that Menken is so very good at and it implies a self-deprecating tone that could be fantastic. What makes it even better is that it is not an over-the-credits song. According to In Contention this song plays over a montage in the middle of the film.

Take a listen to the song below and I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Jose

    It plays in a montage scene? I heard there would be a musical number in the film where Captain America is introduced to boost morale to the troops and I figured this would be it, it makes sense for that scene. Wonder what comic book fans think of it.

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