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If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you probably have noticed some design changes gradually occurring over the weekend. If you’re new, forgive the current mess; it’s in the process of being cleaned up. I have transitioned the site into a slightly new design that is more conducive to the type of movie coverage I want to provide at Film Misery. Throughout the week I will be tweaking the pages and elements that don’t look quite right and eventually land on something that is easily navigable and can hold all the content that Film Misery provides.

One of the main reasons for the update was to welcome our new writing staff. Vincenzo Tagle, Casey Chapman, Justin Jagoe, and Casey Malone will be joining Davin and I just in time for Oscar season. They will help keep the posts more frequent and add a more diverse perspective to the movie coverage here at Film Misery. We have added three new features that we will be trying to keep up with regularly. The first is called “Blind Spot” where we will pick a classic movie that we’ve never seen and write about our first experience with it. The second is called “Oscar History” where we will look back at a past Oscar race or pay tribute to a frequently nominated individual. The third is called “Q & A” where the whole staff will answer a user-submitted question.

When I asked for feedback about how to improve Film Misery the number one response I received was simply “more.” With this new writing staff we should be able to provide the ample coverage necessary to meet every miserable movie fan’s needs.

Below are the biographies of each new staff member. Check out the About page for more details.

Vincenzo Tagle
Vinny is a personal stock trader and film buff from Manila, Philippines. His earliest cinematic memory is watching “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” on a Laserdisc over and over again, and his favorite filmmakers are David Lynch, Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino. When not watching movies, he can be seen geeking out in a local pub quiz, playing squash, travelling or playing the keyboards.

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Casey Chapman
Casey Chapman is originally from South Carolina, but has lived in Chicago for the past 8 years. Besides being a huge movie buff, Casey is also an accomplished actor. Since age 3 he has been acting on stage, and has done roughly 20 shows since living in Chicago for various theatre companies including Trap Door Theatre, Oracle Theatre, and works currently at the Goodman Theatre. In 2010, Casey’s original short film “Esperanto” which he both co-wrote and starred in premiered at the Bloomsbury Park Film Festival in London, and the Vancouver Fringe Film Festival last year. He recently finished his first full length feature film “Mother’s Milk” which is currently in post production.

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Justin Jagoe
Born and raised in Minnesota, Justin is a cheerfully lost liberal arts graduate currently residing in Minneapolis. When he is not at work or pondering his existential role on this planet, he can be found attending to far less depressing matters like spending evenings downtown with friends, volunteering for local non-profits and (of course) passing as much time as possible at the movies. Additionally, Justin loves reading and writing about film when given the opportunity; even his final project as an undergraduate focused on Godard’s work. His more recent film scribbles can be found either on his personal blog or any other site generous enough to post them.

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Casey Malone
Casey is a freelance game designer, writer, and all around movie nut living in a Boston suburb. No, seriously, you can see that fancy bridge from his kitchen. Casey briefly studied film at the College of Santa Fe, before dropping out to, what else, work at a video store. After several years of that, Casey ended up in the video game industry, where he worked on such games as BioShock and the Rock Band series. His favorite movie is Jaws, except when you ask him and he sometimes says Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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Join me in welcoming them to the Film Misery team!

  • i really like the new Design and you guys bringing more things to Film Misery :) congratulations to the new writers. looking forward to a great experience here.

  • Welcome. Looking forward to reading.

  • Ah, since there are more writers, I am looking forward to reading more various articles.
    Congrats to all.

  • Welcome everyone!

  • Thanks for the welcome! Very excited to join the team!

  • Jose

    Welcome everyone, excited to see where this all goes.

  • Joseph Bridges

    Good to see the sight is expanding!

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