Merry Christmas from Film Misery!

"Oh, Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind... and that's what's been changing. That's why I'm glad I'm here, maybe I can do something about it."

On behalf of the entire Film Misery staff I would like to wish every reader of Film Misery a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays! We sincerely appreciate every one who visits this site, leaves a comment, sends us an e-mail, downloads the podcast and participates in our miserable obsession with film. This has been the biggest year Film Misery has ever had in terms of traffic and posts and we look forward to continuing to grow in 2012.

Things have been quiet over the weekend as the various members of the staff participate in Holiday gatherings. Look for everything to pick up next week with updated Oscar predictions, movie reviews of Carnage, Shame, A Separation and more, a new podcast, and the final week of this month’s Daily Trivia contest. The following week will feature the Year in Review including every staff member’s top ten films list and a look ahead to 100 films we are anticipating in 2012.

All I want for Christmas is for you to continue visiting Film Misery. We have attracted a smart and devoted base of readers that I hope continues to grow into the new year. I would appreciate it if listeners of the podcast would hop over to iTunes and write us a review.

I hope every reader has a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Festivus, or whatever Holiday you and your loved ones observe!

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  • Merry Christmas to Everyone :)

  • Dario

    Merry Christmas to all moviefans!

  • Merry Xmas to you too!

  • Jose

    Merry Christmas to you too and everyone else.

  • Kurt Thomas

    Merry Christmas Film Misery! :)

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