Michael Moore, Kathryn Bigelow, and Ann Coates Elected to Board of Governors

What does the Academy give you for delivering a controversial acceptance speech that gets you booed off the stage? A spot on their Board of Governors!

That is what has happened to Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker whose Oscar acceptance speech for his 2002 film Bowling for Columbine got him booed off the stage by many in the audience. Moore is among the newest members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Board of Governors. He joins Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow and Lawrence of Arabia editor Ann Coates as the new electees to the Board.

Here is the rest of the press release:

The reelected governors are Curt Behlmer, Sound Branch; Rosemary Brandenburg, Art Directors; Richard Edlund, Visual Effects; Leonard Engelman, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists; Charles Fox, Music; Jim Gianopulos, Executives; Hawk Koch, Producers; Marvin Levy, Public Relations; and Frank Pierson, Writers.

Returning to the board after a hiatus are John Bailey, Cinematographers; Ed Begley, Jr., Actors; and Jon Bloom, Short Films and Feature Animation. Bailey previously served on the board from 1996 to 2002; Begley and Bloom both were governors from 2000 to 2009.

Fourteen of the Academy’s 15 branches are represented by three governors, who may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. Terms are staggered so that each branch elects or reelects one governor each year. The Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch is represented by a single governor.

I’m guessing that Fox and Friends will have some type of discussion about the over-liberalization of the Academy on tomorrow’s show.

[Source: Deadline Hollywood]

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  • Brandon Cooley

    Michael Moore is awesome.

  • Ehh, I’m a liberal, so I like him. However, let’s not pretend his films are “documentaries”. They’re propaganda. Propaganda I happen to agree with (most of the time), but propaganda nonetheless.

  • Brandon Cooley

    I could consider Fahrenheit 9/11 to be propaganda, but the rest of them aren’t. The rest of his movies tackle important subjects. He tells us his opinions and I like that regardless of his political views. It would be boring for him to just give us the facts.

    The purpose of Fahrenheit 9/11 was to get Bush out of office. If it hadn’t of been for the focus on the Iraq war then it would of been just propaganda.

  • All documentaries have an agenda, Moore just makes his more obvious.

  • Fair enough, although I’d argue that there are plenty that don’t.

    “Hoop Dreams”, “Young@Heart”, “Crazy Love”, and “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” would be examples of this in my opinion.

    Also, the Metascore for “Inception” currently sits at a perfect 100. I wonder how long that will last?

  • Armond White

    I hated Inception.
    Metascore now: 98

  • Brandon Cooley

    @Armand White
    That’s funny :)

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