Mid-Week News Round-Up: 9/9/09


News is a bit slow around the web these days as every major website seems to be gearing up for the Toronto Film Festival. However, here are some stories that popped up in the last couple of days.

  • Since the announcement that Disney is purchasing Marvel Entertainment, several rumors have popped up about future Disney projects that will feature Marvel characters. Apparently the rumor that Pixar was eye-balling an Ant Man movie might be true. (Super Hero Hype)
  • The Akira remake that had been speculated about a year ago is apparently back on track. Children of Men screenwriters Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus have signed on to write the film. (Collider)
  • Speaking of movies with “Children of” in the title, Dimension Films is planning a Children of the Corn remake. Whenever I hear “horror remake” these days I immediately lost interest unless there is somebody fantastic attached. Maybe this time they won’t make red heads look so evil and play into that ol’ stereotype. (Worst Previews)

  • Good news for “Lord of the Rings” fans – New Line Cinema and the Tolkien estate have settled their lawsuit, which means that The Hobbit can go forward with production. New Line owes the Tolkien’s a cool $150 million, or about 7% of the three films total gross. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • The new “At the Movies” premiered with A.O. Scott (or “Tony” Scott) and Michael Phillips. They have already upped the intellect of the show by about 500%. (In Contention)

Any news stories I missed? Comments?

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