Miyazaki, Reichardt & Glazer Make 2013 Venice Film Festival Line-Up

Under the SkinFor all the fuss that’s thrown around Cannes Film Festival, I have to admit that Venice is more my style. It’s usually lighter profile, but often bristling with less bawdy fare. A few days back we got a tease at what would make this year’s line-up based on what would only be having its North American premiere from the Toronto line-up. It struck me then that Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and Sylvain Chomet’s Atilla Marcel would not be making the Venice route, but that Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin and Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves would be.

What really intrigues me is Hayao Miyazaki’s return to the festival with The Wind Rises, also playing in competition. Last time Miyazaki was in Venice was 2004 with Howl’s Moving Castle, so it’s a delight to see him back in filmmaking form, much more so on the festival circuit. Reichardt’s Night Moves is still far and away my most anticipated film in competition, her having debuted Meek’s Cutoff there three years back. Given that film remains among my favorites of this decade so far, I eagerly await what Reichardt brings to us next.

The Wind RisesGlazer’s return is a particularly hot one, his last film being 2004’s Birth, which has engendered both passionate defenders and disbelieving detractors (I am happily the former). Teaming up with Scarlett Johannson on a sci-fi thriller about an alien drifting in a female body should only serve to further tantalize those already eagerly awaiting. Terry Gilliam is also in competition with The Zero Theorem, another low-budget dystopian sci-fi, this time starring Christoph Waltz as a scientist tasked with mathematically proving that life has no meaning. Expect the kinky, mind-bending, CG-globbed usual from Gilliam, and I do not mean that as a dig against him.

Amongst the other competition players of interest are Philomena, Stephen Frears’ Oscar intent drama starring Judi Dench, Joe, David Gordon Green’s second festival premiere this year, this time an edgy thriller starring Nicolas Cage, and… another film from James Franco. Child of God will be his third festival premiere this year. I’m not sure this frequent an output is doing any favors for him, most of his films being quickly forgotten after their festival premieres.

A few films worth noting that didn’t make the cut are Spike Jonze’s Her, Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street and any of Terrence Malick’s projects that are consistently up in the air. The main reason, I expect, is that none of them are ready yet. I’d bet Lars is either opting out of the festival route entirely (unlikely) or waiting till he can joyously crash Cannes again next year. The films playing outside competition at Venice are mostly low profile, though one emerges as intriguing: Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek 2. Well, it’s certainly not often a torture-porn horror sequel goes the festival route.

We will sadly not be at Venice Film Festival, but we’ll be doing review round-ups for all the high profile premieres there, so come back in a month for that. You can check out the full Venice Film Festival line-up here, or listed below:

Es-Stouh” (The Rooftops), Merzak Allouache (Algeria-France)
L’intrepido,” Gianni Amelio (Italy)
Miss Violence,” Alexandros Avranas (Greece)
Tracks,” John Curran (U.K.-Australia)
Via Castellana Bandiera,” Emma Dante (Italy-Switzerland-France)
Tom at the Farm,” Xavier Dolan (Canada-France)
Child of God,” James Franco (U.S.)
Philomena,” Stephen Frears (U.K.)
La Jalousie,” Philippe Garrel (France)
The Zero Theorem,” Terry Gilliam (U.K.-U.S.)
Ana Arabia,” Amos Gitai (Israel-France)
Under the Skin,” Jonathan Glazer (U.K.-U.S.)
Joe,” David Gordon Green (U.S.)
Die Frau des Polizisten” (The Police Officer’s Wife) Philip Groning (Germany)
Parkland” Peter Landesman (U.S.)
Kaze tachinu,” Hayao Miyazaki (Japan)
The Unknown Known: the Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld,” Errol Morris (U.S.)
Night Moves,” Kelly Reichardt (U.S.)
Sacro GRA,” Gianfranco Rosi (Italy)
Jiaoyou” (Stray Dogs), Tsai Ming-liang (Taiwan-France)

Out of Competition
Gravity,” Alfonso Cuaron (U.S.) – Opening Night Film
Space Pirate Captain Harlock,” Aramaki Shinji (Japan)
Moebius,” Kim Ki-duk (South Korea)
Locke,” Steven Knight (U.K.)
Yurusarezaru mono” (Unforgiven), Lee Sang-Il (Japan)
Wolf Creek 2,” Greg McLean (Australia)
Die Andere Heimat — Chronik einer Sehnsucht” (Home from Home — Chronicle of a Vision), Edgar Reitz (Germany)
“The Canyons,” Paul Schrader (U.S.)
Che strano chiamarsi Federico Scola racconta Fellini,” Ettore Scola (Italy)
Walesa. Czlowiek z nadziei” (Walesa. Man of Hope), Andrzej Wajda, Ewa Brodzka (Poland)

Out of Competition – Documentaries
Summer 82 When Zappa Came to Sicily,” Salvo Cuccia (Italy-U.S.)
Pine Ridge,” Anna Eborn (Denmark)
The Armstrong Lie,” Alex Gibney (U.S.)
Ukraina ne Bordel” (Ukraine Is Not Brothel), Kitty Green (Australia)
Amazonia,” Thierry Ragobert (France-Brazil)
Feng Ai” (‘Til Madness Do Us Apart), Wang Bing (Hong Kong-China-France-Japan)
At Berkeley,” Frederick Wiseman (U.S.)

Je m’appelle Hmmm…,” Agnes B. (France)
Bauyr” (Little Brother), Serik Aprymov (Kazakhstan)
Il terzo tempo,” Enrico Maria Artale (Italy)
Eastern Boys,” Robin Campillo (France)
Palo Alto,” Gia Coppola (U.S.)
Ruin,” Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Michael Cody (Australia)
Mahi Va Gorbeh” (Fish and Cat), Shahram Mokri (Iran)
Vi ar bast!” (We Are the Best!) Lukas Moodysson (Sweden-Denmark)
Wolfskinder” (Wolfschildren), Rick Ostermann (Germany)
La vida despues,” David Pablos (Mexico)
Algunas Chicas,” Santiago Palavecino (Argentina)
Medeas,” Andrea Pallaoro (U.S.-Italy)
Still Life,” Uberto Pasolini (U.K.)
Piccola Patria,” Alessandro Rossetto (Italy)
La prima neve,” Andrea Segre (Italy)
Jigoku de naze warui,” (Why Don’t You Play in Hell?) Sono Sion (Japan)
The Sacrament,” Ti West (U.S.)

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