Ah, June, the official beginning of summer! Kids are wrapping up the school year. Families are getting ready for outdoor grilling and backyard bonfires. Sports fans are figuring out the best day to ditch work and catch a ballgame. Everybody is itching for a day at the beach. And movie nuts, of course, are shouting out a collective “hell no!” to all that, instead favoring extensive time in a dark, air-conditioned movie theater. This month shows the summer movie season in full swing, with at least one or two major releases coming out each week.

Below is just a smattering of the countless titles at your disposal this month to assist you in avoiding the gentle summer breeze, the exertion of outdoor physical activity and the loving company of your friends and family. (U.S. release dates only, courtesy of Box Office Mojo)

Film Releases

Snow White and the Huntsman

Released on June 1 (Wide)

The reviews for this year’s second, more serious-minded Snow White movie have been less than kind, with many criticizing the deathly-serious tone and others (okay, virtually all) bemoaning the casting of Kristen Stewart. I’m encouraged a bit, however, by the praise Charlies Theron is getting for her reportedly camped-up take as the Evil Queen; Alonso Duralde calls her “One Part Tilda Swinton to 30 parts Faye Dunaway.” Now that’s the kind of diva-level bitchiness sorely missing in Julia Roberts’ Mirror Mirror performance! [Watch the Trailer]

A Cat in Paris

Released on June 1 (Limited)

Otherwise known as the movie that inspired a collective “huh?” earlier this year when it was listed among the five films nominated for the Best Animated Feature Oscar, I’m not quite sure what to expect here. Based solely on the trailer, though, the movie looks like an absolute treat visually and, being the animation aficionado that I am, that just might be enough to entice me. [Watch the Trailer]


Released on June 8 (Wide)

I tend to subscribe to the opinion that the movie trailer is the worst invention humankind has ever created (Original Sin, Fascism and Crocs notwithstanding, of course). Having said that, though, I intend it as no exaggeration when I say whoever added those pulsating, wailing sound effects at the end of the Prometheus trailer deserves a Nobel Prize in Life. Never has a simple sound effect been so able to get me so pumped for a movie. It doesn’t hurt that this Alien (non?)prequel looks phenomenal too, boasting mind-blowing special effects and a cast to kill for (Elba, Theron, Fassbender, Rapace, etc.). Here’s hoping it lives up to the monumental hype. [Watch the Trailer]

Safety Not Guaranteed

Released on June 8 (Limited)

This one looks like a lot of fun. The story of a magazine employee (Aubrey Plaza) who interviews a strange man soliciting companionship for a time-traveling expedition, this immediately strikes me as a much lighter twist on a similar formula we saw earlier in the month with Zal Batmanglij nad Brit Marling’s Sound of my Voice. Early buzz has been quite strong, and I’m a big fan of Plaza on Parks & Recreation, so I personally can’t wait. [Watch the Trailer]

Rock of Ages

Released on June 15 (Wide)

For me, Adam Shankman’s new movie has a few things working out of its favor. Firstly, I have within me not even an iota of nostalgic affection for the 1980’s and my knowledge of glam rock music from the era is dismal. What’s more, thanks to films like Mama Mia! and Across the Universe, I have almost no tolerance whatsoever for jukebox musicals. Nonetheless, I’ll give this one a chance; Shankman’s Hairspray was a surprising and energetic delight, and Rock of Ages has a stellar cast backing it up. It could be great, but it could also be a hot mess. [Watch the Trailer]


Released on June 22 (Wide)

Claiming the #2 spot on Film Misery’s most anticipated summer movies list, there are oodles of reasons to count the days for Pixar’s latest. It’s their first film since Cars 2, their first legitimately bad movie. It’s also to be their sole original story in roughly a five year period (it’s sandwiched between 2010’s Toy Story 3 and 2014’s Monsters University). And of course, Brave’s protagonist Merida – Pixar’s first-ever heroine – sounds like a fascinating character. I’ve not been this excited for a Pixar movie since WALL-E and, given Pixar’s reputation for surpassing expectations, this one seems destined for greatness. [Watch the Trailer]

To Rome with Love

Released on June 22 (Limited)

Given how scattershot Woody Allen’s successes have been the past decade or so, I simply have a gut feeling that this one will be more “Jade Scorpion Allen” than “Midnight in Paris Allen,” if only because it has the misfortune of biting at the heels of what proved to be his most financially successful movie ever. Not being much of a fan of Paris or, for that matter, any of his later works, my expectations are minimal. Still, this one does promise yet another sultry, simmering performance from Penelope Cruz, who is possibly the best thing to happen to an Allen film since Dianne Wiest. [Watch the Trailer]

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Released on June 27 (Limited)

Expectations for this Sundance smash continue to snowball; it won its director Benh Zeitlin the Caméra d’Or at Cannes last week, and it welcomed yet another onslaught of enthusiastic raves from audiences. I finally took the time to watch this movie’s trailer, and I dare say it has toppled the upcoming Batman flick as my most anticipated summer movie. Each frame of the trailer looks stunning, and its fantastical concept – a little girl looking for her mother in a pre-cataclysmic world amongst a slew of creatures called “aurochs” – makes me wonder if we are about to behold the best adult’s fantasy movie since Pan’s Labyrinth.

Hey…I can wish, can’t I? [Watch the Trailer]

Magic Mike

Released on June 29 (Wide)

There exists a school of thought that Channing Tatum is actually much more than the meat-headed eye-candy that G.I. Joe movie and those Nicholas Sparks adaptations might suggest. Having seen his performances from earlier this year in 21 Jump Street and Haywire, I now consider myself a part of that school. Based on his own life experiences as a male stripper, this re-teaming with Haywire director Steven Soderbergh certainly looks silly, but it also looks fun. It also looks like another solid vehicle for an actor who now officially has my attention. [Watch the Trailer]

Other Notable Film Releases:

For Greater Glory – June 1
High School – June 1
Piranha 3DD – June 1
Peace, Love & Misunderstanding – June 8
That’s My Boy – June 15
Your Sister’s Sister – June 15
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – June 22
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World – June 22
Ted – June 29
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection – June 29
People Like Us – June 29
Take this Waltz – June 29

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