Movies to See in October 2013 - Dallas Buyers Club


Movies to See in November 2013 - Dallas Buyers Club

While October seemed to be overflowing with the most highly acclaimed and hotly anticipated films of the year, November is a lot less exciting. Most of the strong releases coming out this month won’t come to smaller markets until December and the rest of the month seems to be crowded with generic blockbuster sequels. Some might be excited for the Thor or Hunger Games sequels, but those look pretty generic and boring to me, so I’ll skip them. My time in November will be better spent catching up on the October and earlier 2013 releases that I missed.

Film Releases

About Time
Limited Release on November 1

This month is being marketed as the next Love Actually, in an attempt to attract that film’s huge cult following, but the only thing the two appear to have in common is writer/director Richard Curtis and supporting actor Bill Nighy. About Time appears to be a lot more intimate without the ensemble cast of Curtis’ other movies. The gimmick of time travel in a romantic comedy might not work, but it’s worth checking out just to see. [Watch the Trailer]

Dallas Buyers Club
Limited Release on November 1

This Jean-Marc Vallée directed film is currently my pick to give Matthew McConaughey his first Oscar. I also predict that Jared Leto will be tough to beat in the Best Supporting Actor race for his performance as a transgender individual with HIV. If you’re an Oscar watcher, that’s reason enough to check out this well-reviewed drama. [Watch the Trailer]

Movies to See in November 2013 - The Book Thief

The Book Thief
Limited Release on November 8

This World War II set drama tells the story of a young Jewish girl who escapes her cruel reality by stealing books and sharing them with others. This looks like one of those movies that will be getting a very small release followed by a very gradual expansion, but it might be worth checking out once it makes it to your city. [Watch the Trailer]

Limited Release on November 15

I had a chance to see this at the Twin Cities Film Festival and I quite liked it (my review is embargoed until the week of theatrical release). I tend to like Alexander Payne films more than some other critics, but Nebraska really did an excellent job of nailing the Midwest sensibility and defining its characters by establishing a realistic sense of place. Additionally, there are a few scenes that had me laughing harder than any other movie this year. [Watch the Trailer]

Limited Release on November 22

Most of what I have seen so far of Philomena seems to indicate that it is a road trip comedy with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. I would totally sign up to see that movie, but the truth seems to be a lot darker with an underlying story about an Irish practice of removing children from unmarried mothers and having them adopted overseas. [Watch the Trailer]

Movies to See in November 2013 - Frozen

Wide Release on November 27

I’ve already spoken about my high hopes for Disney’s upcoming animated musical and I will be more than a little heartbroken if it is not decent. This is actually the only wide release in November that I am genuinely anticipating. It’s been a while since Disney (or any other studio, for that matter) has given us a solid animated musical and I feel like we are due. [Watch the Trailer]

Wide Release on November 27

Spike Lee’s long anticipated remake of Chan-wook Park’s much loved revenge thriller Oldboy gets its release this month. Usually American remakes of foreign films are terrible, but this one seems to have a lot of talented people involved, so it might be decent. [Watch the Trailer]

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Limited Release on November 29

We are long overdue for a solid Nelson Mandela biopic, but based on reviews from Toronto and other festivals, Justin Chadwick’s Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom might not be it. The film looks decent and reviews seem to indicate that it has some strong performances, but it won’t be the most talked about film about racial inequality this year. [Watch the Trailer]

Much Less Appealing Film Releases:

  • Ender’s Game – November 1
  • Free Birds – November 1
  • Last Vegas – November 1
  • Thor: The Dark World – November 8
  • Delivery Man – November 22
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – November 22
  • Homefront – November 27

Gravity - Movies to See in November 2013

Film Events

Return of the Film Misery Podcast

The Film Misery Podcast finally returns with reviews of major awards contenders, Oscar predictions, and whatever else we feel like discussing. Also, there will be a new trivia contest beginning with the podcast, so stay tuned. The latest episode will go up either later today or early Monday.

Cinematic Thanksgiving

There aren’t a lot of film events in November, so instead I will mention that Film Misery writers will be giving thanks at the end of the month in our annual Cinematic Thanksgiving piece. Stay tuned and be sure to share the movie-related things for which you are thankful.

What movies or events are you most anticipating in November?

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