//Movie News and Trailers From the Last Week and a Half

Movie News and Trailers From the Last Week and a Half

I arrived back in the United States from late on Tuesday night and have spent the past several days recovering from jet lag, catching up at home and work, and overall getting rejuvenated. Now I am just about caught up and ready to jump right back into all the coverage that Film Misery is sworn to provide. However, before I can do that I have to assure that I am not missing anything important. I scanned a few movie websites and compiled a list of the news, trailers, and features that were important while I was gone. This is more for my own good than anyone else, so I apologize for the selfishness, but I thought it would be good to compile a list to ensure that I haven’t missed anything.

News Stories:

  • Warren Beatty plans to write, direct, and star in another film for the first time in over a decade. [Collider]
  • Woody Allen has announced the cast for his next film Bop Decameron and it includes such stars as Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, and of course Woody himself. [Empire]
  • There could be a sequel to the cult camp movie Wet Hot American Summer. [Vulture]
  • Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a car crash while under the influence of alcohol and Roger Ebert was scorned after making some insensitive remarks after the incident. [CNN]
  • “Columbo” star Peter Falk, who also was featured in numerous John Cassavetes’ films and The Princess Bride, died at the age of 83. [Deadline]

Major Awards News:

  • New Academy rules determine that there will be anywhere from 5 to 10 nominations for Best Picture this year with only films that get higher than 5% of the first place votes getting nods. This seems to indicate that the number will likely never be 10 nominations exactly nor are there likely to be exactly 5 nominations. The most likely number seems to be between 6 and 9. Check out /Film for the press release explaining the rule change and Rope of Silicon for more in-depth coverage.

Pictures and Trailers

  • The first glimpse of Martin Freeman in The Hobbit has appeared online along with a few other set photos. [Obsessed With Film]
  • The official trailer for David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method looks Fassbenderly delicious. [Vulture]
  • A new teaser for Craig Brewer’s Footloose remake looks uninspired. [First Showing]
  • The trailer for Bennett Miller’s Moneyball looks like it might bank off the success of The Social Network. [iTunes Trailers]
  • A new trailer for Captain America looks…like another superhero movie. [Rope of Silicon]

Did I miss anything major?

There will be a new episode of the Film Misery Podcast coming online this Sunday, and the website should be back in full swing by next week. Did everyone have a great week while I was gone?

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