//Neon Lights & Ryan Gosling Cranked Up in ‘Only God Forgives’ Trailer

Neon Lights & Ryan Gosling Cranked Up in ‘Only God Forgives’ Trailer

Only God ForgivesYou might not have been with us back in September of 2011, but you should know we here at Film Misery were absolutely head-over-heels for Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. If memory serves it was the only film of that year to recur in all six top ten lists of the staff that year, along with my own. We’ve been waiting anxiously for Winding Refn to reunite with star Ryan Gosling ever since for more dream(or rather nightmare)land visions of hard violence and swooning romanticism. It may have been a bit unreasonable to expect him to turn Only God Forgives over to us just a year following his last film, but excuse us for wanting more of that unique vision Drive dipped us in.

Lo and behold, with the Cannes Film Festival lineup due to be announced in the next week or so, we’re finally given our first red-banded taste of what Refn’s been cooking. The result is expectedly quite gorgeous, with Refn clearly taking full advantage of the neon lights that scorch the night scene of Bangkok, Thailand, where his latest film is set. In the film, Gosling runs a Thai boxing club underneath his mafia leader mother, played by Kristin Scott Thomas in a role that’s bound to tantalize viewers in a similar fashion as Albert Brooks did in Drive. Violence ensues, and so does Refn and Gosling’s reliably mood-adjusting playlist which this time includes “Tur Kue Kwam Fun (Music Box)” by Proud.

It remains to be seen if this will actually appear at Cannes next month, but this trailer seems a strong indicator of that direction. Take a look for yourselves here, and let us know what you think.

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