NEW CONTEST: Pets of the Cinema

Starting this week we will begin the new daily trivia contest for August here at Film Misery. We got a late start, so this one is going to be short. For the next two weeks I will be updating the contest every day Monday through Saturday. It will end on Saturday, August 29. Here’s the contest:

PETS OF THE CINEMA – I will be posting a screenshot of a pet or animal from a popular movie. Your goal is to tell me the name of the movie that pet appeared in. Simple as that.

raisingarizonadvdThis Month’s Prize: Raising Arizona on DVD. A childless couple unable to adopt decide that a couple who just had quintuplets won’t mind if they steal one of the babies. Thus begins the Coen brothers’ madcap romp Raising Arizona. Holly Hunter stars as Ed, a cop who is devastated when she learns that she cannot get pregnant. Nicolas Cage is her husband, H.I., an ex-con who wants nothing more than to make his wife the happiest woman in the world. So if she wants a baby, she’s going to have a baby, one way or another.

Heading up the supporting cast of bizarre characters are John Goodman and William Forsythe as crazy cousins who have just busted out of prison, Sam McMurray and Frances McDormand as Ed and H.I.’s swinging friends, and Randall “Tex” Cobb as a motorcycle madman hired to rescue the baby. Raising Arizona is the Coen brothers’ most consistently funny film. Carter Burwell’s score, replete with infectious yodeling, is relentless, Barry Sonnenfeld’s cinematography is beautifully wacky, and the manic dialogue is the brothers’ most quotable. The film is a treat for the ears and the eyes, a one-of-a-kind sensation from a marvelous pair of filmmakers.


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