//New Daily Trivia Contest – Blockbuster Taglines

New Daily Trivia Contest – Blockbuster Taglines

First of all I have to congratulate Eleni for winning last month’s Daily Trivia Contest. Eleni correctly identified 17 Foreign Films based on the screenshots and subtitles and as a result she won the Inception Blu-Ray Steelbook.

The All-Time Top 50 has returned and has been updated to include last month’s results. ijrichter maintains a commanding lead, but many new names have been added and three people now have over 100 points. Keep playing Daily Trivia and that could be you!

This month there is a new, relatively simple theme for the Daily Trivia Contest. In honor of the Summer movie season the theme is Blockbuster Taglines. Every day I will post a tagline from a high-grossing film from year’s past. Your objective will simply be to name the movie.

This month’s prize is TBA and will be announced within a few days. Get your name on that all-time scoreboard and see if you can win this month’s contest!

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