NEW Daily Trivia Contest – Horror Frames!

Many of you have requested it and it is finally back – a new Daily Trivia Contest begins today at Film Misery. This month’s theme is called “Horror Frames” and it is relatively simple. Every day, Monday through Saturday, I will be posting a new screenshot from a classic horror movie. Your task is to simply name the movie. As always I will be posting hints throughout the day on Twitter.

The prize for this month is a DVD copy of horror thriller Paranormal Activity. One of my favorite new horror movies from the last several years, this micro-budget thriller makes for great Halloween viewing. Katie and Micah are a young couple who have always felt like there was a spiritual presence in their house. When Micah buys a fancy new camera, they decide to film their bed as they sleep to see if they can catch and paranormal activity. Initially they notice small changes, which entices Micah to taunt the spirit, leading to inevitable disaster. Great performances by the two leads make this film a fun thrill ride.

The DVD includes the original ending and numerous special features.

You can find the Daily Trivia Contest under the “Interactive” tab above. The contest starts off with a relatively easy one, but it’s only going to get harder. Let’s see who can top the leaderboard this month.

Launch Daily Trivia Contest!


  • Andrew R.

    I submitted the correct answer. (Obvious indeed.)

  • Jose

    Sounds like fun!
    So what happens to the crucifix?

  • Andrew R.

    @Jose-Oh, you really don’t want to know if you haven’t seen the movie. (HINT: It’s been mentioned here recently on another post.)

  • Jose

    Oh, I know what happens.
    It’s so famous I know of it.

  • Anessa

    Well looks likes I’m not going to be participating in the Daily Trivia this time. (doesn’t watch horror movies, ever)

  • Jose/Andrew R: Which movie are you talking about? I’m curious.

  • Jose

    @ Anessa, thought so.
    G, really? You should know what it is.

  • Okay, it’s “The Exorcist”. I haven’t seen it yet, so that’s why I didn’t know.

  • Jose

    OK, today’s is hard for me since I’ve only seen 1 film from that director, I’m going to guess.

  • Quinn

    YES! I got yesterday right! I’ve even seen “Nightmare on Elm Street” but remembering watching the At the Movies review of the new remake of it and I remembered seeing some girl running around in a school so I went with that. Today’s was pretty easy. I just hope that the screenshots don’t become scary even if it is Halloween…

  • Jose

    Yay! Me too!
    And I didn’t even see that movie, today’s photo is an iconic moment from that film for me though.

  • Really? I don’t know if I would call that iconic, not compared to some moments in the film.

    Just noticed that the all time top 50 has 97 people on it :P

  • Haha, yeah there are a lot of people tied at 1 point. I need to work out a better system to track that.

  • Jose

    How about, its a favorite scene for me instead Davin?

  • It is a pretty solid scene, and a clever self-reference, I agree.

  • Jose

    I was wondering why the staircase from yesterday looked familiar.
    I was thinking of the remake that’s why.

  • Quinn

    It’s been the same picture for like three days

  • It’s been the same since Saturday. I don’t update Sundays and I missed today because I was out of town. Update coming tomorrow, I promise!

  • Quinn

    Oh I didn’t know about the Sundays not being updated.

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