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Another summer weekend, another film looks to steal number one at the Box Office. At this rate it’s going to be whichever film somehow manages to hang on to number one for more than one week. It probably won’t be until later in the summer that that happens.

Here are Three to See for the Week of May 22, 2009:

1) Terminator Salvation (3,530 theatres)

Directed By: McG

Rotten Tomatoes: 33% | Metacritic: 52

The reviews from McG’s fourth installment have been not exactly been enthusiastically positive, but that didn’t stop Angels & Demons from becoming last weekends box office champ. I think this will probably be the lesser of the two Man vs. Machines movies to be released this summer, but I bet it’s still decent summer entertainment. Mindless entertainment, maybe, but entertainment nonetheless.

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Here’s what A.O. Scott of The New York Times has to say:

But the movie, directed by McG (yes, him, the one-named auteur at the helm of the “Charlie’s Angels” pictures) from a script by John Brancato and Michael Ferris, has a brute integrity lacking in some of the other seasonal franchise movies. It parades neither the egghead aspirations of “Star Trek” nor the thick-skulled pretensions of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” but instead feels both comfortable with its limitations and justly proud of its accomplishments.


2) The Girlfriend Experience (30 theatres)

Directed By: Steven Soderbergh

Rotten Tomatoes: 70% | Metacritic: 69

After having been released on demand several weeks ago, Steven Soderbergh’s film featuring porn star Sasha Grey gets a limited theatrical release this weekend. I’ve been meaning to see this on demand for weeks, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Everything looks better on the big screen, so I guess now is the time.

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Here’s what Kirk Honeycutt from The Hollywood Reporter has to say:

The effect is impressionistic and provocative, with the emphasis falling differently on scenes because of our knowledge or lack thereof. It also serves to view the “girlfriend experience” as a kind of performance art.


3) Star Trek (4,053 theatres)

Directed By: J.J. Abrams

Rotten Tomatoes: 95% | Metacritic: 83

The movie has been out for two weeks now, but it’s still proven itself as the best summer entertainment of 2009 so far and will stay that way until Up gets released next weekend (probably). It’s worth seeing again to inflate the box office and make the best movie win.

View the Trailer | Official Website

Here is a snippet from my review of Star Trek:

…J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek was a more than welcome breath of fresh air. It does everything that a summer release is supposed to do: exhilarates with non-stop action, effortlessly fuses comedy into scenes, and gives you something that is just beautiful to see and hear. I would even say that Star Trek goes a step further than a good summer movie release, with editing, sound mixing, and a score that should all be remembered come Oscar season.


Other Films Opening But Worth Skipping:
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Dance Flick

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